At times I’ve made my search for God’s will way too complicated.  Hemmed and hawed, tied up in knots, pinned-down with indecision.  An old friend could rarely make up his mind about almost anything.  He searched for divine signs high and low, under rocks and trees.  Even the color of a squirrel that crosses his path discloses God’s decision about whatever.  Really?  Very strange!

Others I’ve known test the Lord through fleece contests, wondering what His answers will be.  Superstitious use of a ouija board, reading a horoscope, prognosticating tea leaves, all of which I don’t recommend.  If any of these apply to you, stop!  No ifs and or buts.

Still want to know God’s will?  Listen to Psalm 92:1-2—‘It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name, O Most High, to proclaim your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night…’  Praise… thanks… and singing to Him!  That’s not too complicated, is it?  Hey, it’s exactly what He wants.  No exceptions.  No shilly-shallying waste of time.  His or yours.

Love Jesus.  Worship the Father.  Be filled with the Holy Spirit.   A Gaither gospel song keeps running through my mind–‘Jesus Is Lord of All’.  ‘All my tomorrows, all my life, Jesus is Lord of all.’  The song lifts my praise to Jesus.  Yes, Lord…of all!

Want to know God’s will?  The Presbyterian Westminster (1647AD) Larger Catechism’s opening question gets down to brass tacks–‘What is the chief and highest end (purpose) of man?  Man’s chief and highest end is to glorify God and fully to enjoy Him forever.’  It’s that simple.  Easy as pie.  Child’s play–for such is the Kingdom.

Glorify Him.  Enjoy Him.  Fully!  That’s not too complicated, is it?


Thank you, Jesus, for loving us and giving us your salvation.  Amen.

THE READING OF THE WILL Read Acts 18:18-22

Early in my Christian life, I really struggled with knowing what specifically is God’s will for my life.  I mean wrestling within myself, agonizing over everyday decisions, little itsy-bitsy stuff that seems so silly and embarrassing today.I was fearful of making a wrong move, possibly triggering  God’s wrath in the process.  What does God want me to do?  I would have to say that this went on for years and years.  Talk about sapping any joy I had in being a Christian.  Just clouded everything with cosmic uncertainty and doubt.  Not like what Jesus said about giving us life and that abundantly(John 10:10), or the simple joy of the Lord.  Frankly and honestly, I was miserable.  Would someone please deliver me from the pretzel of my innards, PLEASE!  Anyone else have this experience, I hope not?!  Sure I’m not alone but if I am, so be it; and if not, then good for you!    As the years have gone by, you know what has really helped me, to give me some peace and joy?  Just reading God’s word and listening to what’s going on inside it.  Slowing down… to hear the dialogue of the Bible and what the Lord has to say today to me…and it may be nothing to do with today’s whatevers in my life, but just knowing that it will be of use at some point, some day.  Hint from the Bible: stop worrying and start enjoying the Lord who really loves me, who truly loves you.  Stop being so intentional, so useful and immediate… just being with Him and listening to how He deals with other people, the true stories we read about in the Bible.  Have you read what I suggest for today from Acts?  Here’s a good insight into how to know the will of God for you and me.  The Apostle Paul is in the major ancient city of Ephesus teaching and speaking in the synagogue about Jesus, the Messiah.  The people there can’t get enough of what he’s saying. They beg him to stay and continue with what the Lord is showing them.  They need more of his time and instruction of Scripture.  But Paul says ‘no’, he declines their offer.  He does?  I’d find that very hard to do.  Is this not God’s will…from His mouth through their lips?  But Paul moves on as he must, he’s on continuous mission for the Lord.  But he does promise them “…I will come back if it is God’s will.'(Acts 18:21)…that word ‘if’ is very meaningful.  That’s a little word that can help us…’if’. Trusting that God always knows what’s best for us.  Go with your passion, live the life you want, be who God gifted you to be, stop worrying about it all, be confident in His love and acceptance, keep pressing forward knowing that ‘I will…if it is God’s will’.    And sometimes, as in prayer, we must keep on knocking, keep on seeking and keep on asking.  Persevere, work hard, dream big and little dreams…knowing that God’s will overall is for you and for me to ‘glorify Him and enjoy Him forever’ (from Westminster Shorter Catechism–still good today!).  Go for it…Read His Will, the Bible, listen for His voice, and glorify Him and enjoy Him!  OK?  Hope this helps you as it has helped me.