After surgery, I’m restricted to an all-liquid diet.  Not a lot of fun, but survivable for a day or two.  That’s all that’s needed before soft foods arrive.  What the nutritionist makes crystal clear is that I have to supplement my diet with plenty of water.  Good old H2O.  Then add some of this and that to increase calories and even some bulk, which I’ve been blessed with since early childhood, so to speak!

Spiritually, when we’re new believers, we need an all-liquid diet.  Bible verses that tell us of Jesus’ love and salvation.  His forgiveness and kindness.  Not heavy-duty theology as in the timing of the fall of Satan and his cohort angel band, or that free will versus the elect business.  No.  But more time in the Psalms and the Gospel of John.  For a while avoiding Leviticus and Ezekiel.

But, as we grow in our relationship with Jesus, we add supplements to our spiritual diet.  Dig deeper.  Take on the tough stuff.  Placing faith, not only in what our mind’s comprehend, but also in how we live.  Reading 2 Peter 1: 5-8 we discover a cornucopia of tasty morsels.  As in building character adding these supplements–faith and virtue, knowledge and self-control, steadfastness and godliness, kindness and love.  Grab hold, and you’ll be maturing in the best possible ways.

The only problem for me is that I either forget about them or, even worse, ignore them.  Laziness leads with old habits becoming harder to break, masking God’s best medicine.  Know what I mean?

Imagine if I genuinely concentrate on adding godly virtues to my personality.  Not to be holier than thou.  Or better than thou.  But to be more honorable and honest, considerate and gentle.  More reliable and dependable.  A man of my word.  Loving and forgiving.  All just as the Lord desires for me.  And you.   Helping us grow more in our love for Jesus and others.  That’s more like it.

This week I’m going to zero in on those supplements.  To put them into practice.  See if I’m making any progress.  Or if I’m falling down on the job in this area or that.  For me, probably some of both on a good day.  How about you?  Maybe someday we’ll enjoy sharing three square meals with Jesus.  No more liquid diets.  Nothing salt-free.  With those supplements becoming part and parcel of exactly who we are.  Most of the time, at least!

While you’re at it, please pass the patience!

Thank you, Jesus, that we can grow in our love for you.  Amen.