I’ve noticed that I’m repeating some stories I’ve told over the years.  They must be in great demand.  Who wouldn’t want to hear them for the umpteenth time?  The problem is that I’ve forgotten that I’m regurgitating the same old, same old.  Can’t be due to my age, can it?  Please, don’t answer!

Do you know why I feel much better when reading Psalm 118?  Here’s why–certain phrases and words get repeated over and over.  We’re told that good teaching requires repetition.  If I hear something five times, it may stick in my craw.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  What was that again?!

Remember.  Cover the same ground.  It’s why Christmas, Easter, and Lent warrant our attention every year.  Like seasons keeping the rhythms of creation.  Refreshing our minds and hearts with familiar Bible stories.  Why is this important?  Are we that forgetful?  Frankly, yes.  Without reminders, we’d be clueless.  So, let’s hear from the Lord again…and again.  His familiarity will never breed contempt.  Quite the contrary.

Here are those words repeated four times in Psalm 118: 1-4–‘His steadfast love endures forever.’  The phrase ‘steadfast love’ in Hebrew is but one word.  It’s hard to translate into English.  But let’s give it a shot.  Basically, it means loyalty, faithfulness, promise-making, and -keeping; and, again, steadfast love.  Too good to be true?  Not for our God!

For a committed believer in Jesus, the gist of that one Hebrew word is worth repeating– ‘Jesus’ faithful love for me knows no end, ever.’  Say it over and over again.  All week long.  He’s ever faithful.  Always keeping any promise that He makes.  Loyal to the nth degree.  Say it again… ‘Jesus faithful love…’

Thank you, Jesus, for words to live by.  Amen.

REMINDERS Numbers 28 and 29

Reading through the Old Testament book of Numbers each year, the thought crosses my mind–why?  What’s the point?  Slogging through census records, rules and regulations, making and placing of Temple furniture.  You know what I mean.  But this is the Word of God.  In our Bibles for a reason.  I take no shortcuts, no speedreading or skipping pages and chapters.  I’m all ears, Lord!  Mostly, that is.

But I’m puzzled by the repetition.  The same commands and instructions.  Seems unnecessary, doesn’t it?  However, a teacher friend says that he must repeat information at least five times for it to sink in.  He’s got thick-headed students!  Five times?  I must be in his class!  You too?

The Lord knows we’re made of clay and dust.  Fragile stuff, which in His hands are created good, but in ours becomes brittle and broken.  Our hearing’s impaired.  Eyesight on the blink.  So He keeps on repeating, running it by us time and time again.

Studying Numbers 28 and 29, a light goes on in the old noodle.  From daily offerings, to weekly Sabbath worship and rest, to annual Passover and Pentecost and the Day of Atonement, to camping out during the Feast of Tabernacles.  Lots of celebration.  Plenty of good food to go around.  Work forbidden.  One Fast day.  One.  I’m beginning to get the point.

Worship bids us to love our God.  Praise and thanksgiving overflow.  It’s good times for God’s thankful people.  Over-and-over again, we’re to remember our Lord and all that He’s done for us.  And, by all means, relish Him!

Reminders.  Focus…off of ourselves…onto Him.  Where it should be.  But often isn’t.  Hence reminders.  Time to reflect.  Repent.  Renew our promises to Jesus.  He needs no such renewal or reminder.  We do.  I do.  Big time.

Reminders.  Hey, run that by me again!


Thank you, Jesus, for never giving up on me.  That’s a great reminder and a precious promise.  Amen.