I can think of umpteen things that God can do to please me.  How about answering all my daily prayers?  Every single one.  And there’s a ton of them.  Or adding more days to my life despite potential cancer issues?  Or more income to overcome the larger outflows from today’s inflated cost of living?  Or more caring neighbors?  I could go on and on.  How about it, God?

Two verses in Psalm 147 grab me by the collar, wake me up, and give me pause.  All at the same time!  Psalm 147: 10-11–‘His delight is not in the strength of the horse, nor his pleasure in the legs of a man, but the Lord takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope in his steadfast love.’  Maybe it’s time to move away from what hits my bull’s eye and think more about what hits the spot for the Lord.  No maybe about it.

The psalmist unveils what pleases God.  It’s not in horsepower, so to speak.  Or in material possessions.  Not in Olympic champions.  Or how alluring we are.  Or how much moolah we’ve invested.  Or where we’ve traveled to.  So sorry.  Have I stepped on a few toes?  Mine included?

Again I ask, what pleases God?  It’s simple, but easily overlooked and rarely done.  The Lord takes great pleasure in those who love Him, respect and revere Him, who can’t wait to sit at the feet of Jesus for comfort and guidance, letting Him lead as we follow close behind.  Not a surfacey kind of religion.  As in going through the motions, saying certain pre-approved phrases over and over again.  Buying off God through monetary gifts.  None of the above.

Rather He loves it when we put all our eggs in His basket.  Rely on Jesus’ promises, despite what we see.  We know better than to distrust our Lord, don’t we?  So, throw your hat in His ring.  Decide not to lose hope no matter what.  I know that’s hard as nails.  I’m no perfect example.  However, haven’t met anyone else who is either.  Still, I want to be His loyal, faithful follower.  That’s what pleases God.  That’s simple, isn’t it?

To be true blue, dyed in the wool, old-fashioned devoted, despite all the stuff that life throws at us.  That’s what He wants from us.   I know that it’s easier said than done.  This is where the rubber hits the road, spiritually.  Not being fair-weather Christians.  On sunny days only.  When I can benefit, wangling and getting my way in whatever way works for me, I, and myself.  An unpleasing trinity.

No.  Au contraire.  Both feet in…for Jesus.  No turning back.  Honed in on following the leader.  Eyes firmly focused on the Bible, avoiding whims even of modernistic church and state.

Ready?  For what?  To hang in there with the One who hung on a tree to make us His own.  Who paid the price none of us ever could.  Who gave His all.  So how could we give Him anything less?  Why not please Him for a change?  Why not?

Lord Jesus, we love you and put our all in your hands.  Amen.