HI HO, HI HO, IT’S OFF TO MONOPOLY I GO!… Isaiah 5: 18-26

We enjoyed a 4-day Disney cruise from Vancouver, BC to San Diego, California.  We  certainly got into the Disney spirit!  How many times did we hear that ‘Hi Ho, Hi Ho…It’s Off to Work We Go’ song?  Now I can’t get it out of my head!

As I was reading Isaiah 5,  something different came to mind.  It’s at verse 26.  The image is of the Lord whistling.  Yes, whistling.  Which led me to think of my favorite board game,  Monopoly.   I’m trying to get our grandchildren to love the game.   Making only baby-step progress.

Which sends my mind racing back to when I was about twelve years old.  Two older boys across the street were good friends of mine.  We played wiffle ball in their backyard during the summer.   In addition, they loved to play Monopoly!  Always had the game board set up on a card table on their front porch.  I couldn’t wait for them to get home, and for us to play.  I would sit on our front porch, legs dangling over the brick steps, waiting for their signal.  What was it?  They would whistle!   I would jump off our front porch, run across the street looking both ways, open the screen door to play our favorite game.  Their mother provided us with lots of peanuts, pretzels and lemonade.  My ‘Black Racer’ won every time, or so I’d like to think!  When they whistled, I came.

Just like in Isaiah.  But here with a noticeably different tone.  God’s enemies have been taunting Him.  Read beginning at Isaiah 5: 18.  It’s about ungodly people who flagrantly flaunt their sin in God’s face.  Daring Him to act.  Probably not a good thing to do!  For in verse 26, God says that as quickly as He whistles, He’ll call the arrogant to task.  A simple whistle.

Many times, we pray and pray, with seeming little result.  As if God is on holiday.  He isn’t.  Or become deaf to our cries for help?  He hasn’t.  We need to know that He’s only a whistle away.  Good for us, His children.  Not so good for those foolish enough to think contrariwise. Their time will come.

For us, we are to wait on Him.  Never easy, but who said it would be?  Our waiting is a signal to God that we are relying on Him and His timing, sitting expectantly on our front porches.  His whistle calls us to run to Him.   We’re running to His front porch, sitting near Him, enjoying all the blessings He has for us.

We’ll wait.   That’s what His people do.  Are you with me?  It will be worth it all!  God wins… in His time, in His way.  On that, He has the monopoly!

Prayer:  Lord, we wait in trust for you.  Always in Jesus’ name.   Amen.