It goads me that I fall miserably short of God’s ideal.  Of all that He wants me to be.  Not even close.  It bothers me.  Shouldn’t it?

I’m humbled, even taken to the cleaners, comparing myself with classmates from my Bible college days.  I graduated 2nd in my class.  No, not of three, wise guy!, but of a couple hundred.   At alumni gatherings over the years, I hear what they’ve done for the Lord– faithful pastors and missionaries, Bible teachers, and more.  Very moving.  I wish I could disappear, right out the back door.   When it’s my turn to share, I melt into the woodwork.

Reading Psalm 138, I take my eyes off myself and place them where they should be…on the Lord.  Might help you to do the same?  The opening verse praises God with the psalmist’s whole heart.  He means business.  Don’t you want to be His next-door neighbor?  On the best of terms?  Genuinely so?  I do.  Verse 2 highlights the Lord’s steadfast love and faithfulness.  God’s character displays His generosity and kindness.  He yearns for us to be as close as close can be.  Really?

His devotion, unswerving and dogged, means that Jesus will never wash His hands of us.  When we’re His, we’re His.  So, when we mess up (as I do regularly), get back on track with Him, as soon as possible.  As in ‘fessing up, getting it off your chest, telling Jesus all about it.  Like He doesn’t already know?  But He wants to hear it from your lips.  Come clean and you’ll be just that.  Clean and neat as a button.

It’s that last verse that captures my attention.  Psalm 138: 8–‘The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever.  Do not forsake the work of your hands.’  God’s not finished with us.  As long as we’re breathing, we can grow and mature.  To become more like Jesus.  Fulfilling His plans for us.  Doing what He wants us to do.  He’s not done yet.

Knowing that motivates me to keep busy for Him.  Not for brownie points.  Or bragging rights.  Not to shine brighter than others at our next Bible school alumni gathering.  No.  Why then?  You know.  To show my love for Jesus, putting worship into action.  For Him.  For others.  For a change.

Lord Jesus, to be busy for you is such joy and privilege.  Amen.