WHO DID WHAT? Matthew 28

I feel bad when I doubt the Lord.  Unwelcome thoughts cross my mind.  When troubles hit, I wonder if God cares.  Maybe yes, maybe no.  Passing thoughts that erode faith.  Is God out to lunch?  Taking a much-needed holiday?  Or am I even saved?  Maybe I’m kidding myself when I hem and haw about trusting Jesus.  How weak can I be?

That’s why I read my Bible every day.  Pray often.  Why?  To strengthen what I have.  To shore up against doubt’s incoming tide.  To hold Jesus’ hands as our godless culture’s whirlwinds blow ever stronger, trying to knock me off course.  I need His help.

Know what I mean?  Possibly you don’t but I doubt that too!  If we’re in this together, we’re in rather good company.  Take a gander at Matthew 28: 16-17–‘Now the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain to which Jesus had directed them.  And when they saw him they worshiped him, but some doubted.’  Who did what?  You read it.

Some doubted.  Who?  The disciples and apostles of Jesus.  How can that be?  They witness firsthand the miracles Jesus performs.  They hear with their own ears His engaging stories.  They witness the change in others’ lives, including their own, after encountering Jesus.  Then His trials and death, but all trumped by His Resurrection.  He lives!  He’s alive!  Death defeated by Jesus!

Their reaction here at the end of Matthew’s Gospel, just before Jesus ascends to heaven?  Well, they do worship Him.  Fine.  Bow down and offer praise to God.  Even better.  However,  that’s not all– ‘…but some doubted.’  In spite of all that they had seen and heard?  That’s what the Bible says.  Sadly, even then.

Guess we’ll have doubts too.  The Lord knows this and understands.  So, return home from your guilt trip.  Unpack your bags with that excess baggage.  Get used to living in an imperfect, fallen world.  Have joy, encouragement, blessing… and doubt.  But know that doubts will come and doubts will go. But they won’t last through eternity.  Not at all.  They’ll be like fog disappearing on a warming day.  Here this morning, then gone forever.  Gone and good riddance.  No doubt about it.

Lord Jesus, please strengthen my faith in you today.  Amen.