JUDGE FOR YOURSELF Judges 6 and Acts 17

Maybe you shouldn’t.  What?  Judge for yourself.  Making me, I,and myself life’s deciding factor.  Decisions based on what benefits mostly me.  Judge for yourself?  No!  This isn’t to say that we’re not to use our little grey cells, experience and maturity, if we have any!

Reading the book of Judges, God’s people miss their deceased leaders Moses and Joshua.  In the very first chapter they seek God’s guidance.  What He recommends.  Where He leads.  Good start, folks!  Keep it up!

But they don’t.  Downhill from here on out.  This book’s final verse laments that ‘…everyone did as he saw fit’ (Judges 21:25).  Judging for themselves.

Where did God’s people go wrong?  Judges 6:10–“I said to you, ‘I am the Lord your God; do not worship the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you live.  But you have not listened to me.'”  God speaks.  No one pays attention.  They stuff cotton in their ears.  Blindfold their eyes.

And where does it get them?  On the outs with God.  Cut off at the pass.  Utterly lost, following an out-of-date, moth-eaten, moldy map.  Judging for themselves.

In Acts 17, we’re introduced to polar opposites–the Bereans.  They know how to judge what they’re hearing.  Whether what the Apostle Paul says is the real McCoy or spiritual malarky.  Their discernment hinges on whether it jives with God’s Word.  They check it out, believing what complies with the Bible.  They’re tough folk.  They don’t easily fall for the latest cultural fad.  Do you?  Or me?

Societal norms keep changing.  What’s been viewed as harmful and sinful, now touted as normal, healthy and good.  The ungodly browbeat and strong-arm, gaining ground everywhere.  Even in churches.  Dominoes keep falling.  Leaders break under the pressure to conform.  Bullies win the day.  With you?  Or me?

Shouldn’t we be like the Bereans?  Checking it out with your Bible?  Seeking God’s advice. What He wants.  What the Great Physician Jesus prescribes.  WWJD–‘what would…’  Well, you know.

Here’s a radical idea.  God points the way.  Then take it!  Follow Him.  Regardless.  No guarantees of a safe landing.   Not in this life.  So, get in line behind the Lord Jesus, whom you say you love.  You’ll be in great company.  Judge that for yourself!


Lord, thank you for your trustworthy Word, the Bible.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.