THE CHECK IS IN THE MAIL! 1 Peter 1: 3-12

I can’t believe it– an inheritance is coming my way.  From whom?  What does it matter as long as the check is in the mail.  Sadly, I’m kidding.  But I do remember someone promised an inheritance only to find out that the deceased had spent it all on a remodeled kitchen.  Can a claim be made on the refrigerator, toaster, and upgraded cabinets?

The Apostle Peter promises an inheritance, one which comes directly from the Lord to His own.  That’s to any who repent of sin and welcome Jesus into their lives.  I’m not being simplistic, but that’s what happened to me years ago.  Hear of Jesus’ love and respond ‘yes’ to His offer of a new life.  Nothing complicated or requiring some theological final exam to cram for.  That starts my Christian life, which rolls with the punches, stays the course with fits and starts, and hangs in there going backward and then forward.  Not a straight line, but the trend is my friend.

1 Peter 1:3-4–‘…he has caused us to be born again to a living hope…to an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for you…’   Okay, it’s not money.  Sorry.  But the old green stuff has a way of doing a vanishing act.  Note recent stock market rollercoaster gyrations.  Better not to put your trust there.  In the perishable.

But our salvation, given us by the Lord Jesus?  As St. Peter says, it’s imperishable.  Held secure.  That check is not just in the mail, but already has been deposited into your account with the Bank of Heaven.  Nothing polluted, toxic, or mucked up about it.  It’s not from illegal or immoral sources.  Salvation remains ‘undefiled’.  Pure and clean, neat as a button, in apple-pie order.

Actually, I do have an inheritance from a friend.  It’s a personal, handwritten letter mailed from C.S. Lewis.  It hangs on my office wall.  Written from Magdalene College, Cambridge University, England on May 21, 1959.  I’ve framed the letter and the envelope, both in C. S. Lewis’ handwriting.  It’s a cherished gift from a dear friend.  But I note some fading of the ink.  Not much.  Only a tad.  But I wonder how long what C. S. Lewis has written will be visible.  Not forever.

Our inheritance from the Lord?  Fear not.  ‘Imperishable’…’undefiled’…and ‘unfading’.   You can always bank on Jesus.  Always.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for being totally dependable.  Amen.