HONEY Proverbs 24

Our silver anniversary French River cruise was one for the book. On board, the food was sumptuous and scrumptious. Something unique was provided for our enjoyment at the breakfast and lunch buffets. A wooden honeycomb frame about a foot and a half square, where you could spoon out whatever quantity of honey your tummy desires. I enjoyed honeycomb treats every day at both meals.

Not everyone chomped away. One passenger made it crystal clear to her hubby, and those of us within earshot, what she thought of this gooey goodness. ‘I don’t like honey,’ she’d bellow. Too bad, so sad. More for the rest of us!

Proverbs 24:13-14–‘My son, eat honey, for it is good, and the drippings of the honeycomb are sweet to your taste. Know that wisdom is such to your soul; if you find it, there will be a future, and your hope will not be cut off.’

Wisdom. I’m sure I have some. Don’t I? Probably none in abundance. And, in and of myself, not worth writing home about. I wonder where I can get more? Any ideas?

You know. Go to the head of the class. Yes, the Bible. From cover to cover, it’s God’s Word. Totally trustworthy and true. Helpful and wise like nothing else. Puts us on the straight and narrow and keeps us there. Picks us up when we’ve fallen into some ditch of our own making. Wipes us off. Cleans us up. That’s my experience, yet He’s not done with messy old me. There’s more needed, sorry to say.

When the Bible speaks, God speaks. What better voice to hear? Who knows best? Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? I’d have to say yes. I’ve done some checking elsewhere. Scoped out the competition. Studied under some rather liberal religious professors, who thought they knew it all. Many cast the Bible as just another record of ancient myths and fables. They rest smugly on the settled science of theological arrogance. Of their own making. They should get off your high horses before they fall off. Watch out, Humpty-Dumpty! I’m moving out of the way. A big crash is coming. Sheltered safe and secure under God’s Word.

I’m glad I heard those discordant voices, casting doubt and disrepute about the Bible, for they inadvertently drove me back to God’s Word, where it made the most sense. And still does. More than ever.

Can I figure it all out? All of my questions answered? Not quite. But that’s why I dig deeper into my Bible. More time committed to and with my Lord Jesus. Learning and studying are never-ending. No Summa Cum Loud Mouth for me. Graduation day has yet to come.

I know myself. That I need more of Him daily. For I run out of spiritual steam way too soon. If I skip getting closer to the Lord in prayer and His Word, the gas tank quickly runs on empty, sputtering out by the side of the road. When I let worry grab hold of my mind, imagining all the possible horrors that await me, forgetting His promises, I sink deeper into fear, ignoring how close He wants to be with me, right there next to me holding my hands. Now you can see why I dare not neglect Jesus and His Word.

Again, wisdom is but a Book away. Sweet as honey. Spoon it on your plate. Take all you want. Relish its sweetness. Plenty to go around. Never runs out. No supply-chain delays or over-inflated price gouging.

Go ahead, try some. You’ll like it. So good and healthful. Besides, it’s the wise thing to do. Honey.

Thank you, Lord, for your gift of the Bible. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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