NICE TO MEET YOU! Proverbs 14: 22

Recently I met the fiance of a friend from the church where I’ve been honored to serve as their emeritus pastor. Both widowed, grew up near each other, and both with love for the Lord. A match made on earth, arranged for in heaven.

When greeting this fiance, I said the following –‘Nice to meet you!’ And it was. So gratifying to see happy people planning a life together, sharing families, memories of days gone by, and creating new experiences together as a married couple.

This man and woman remind me of a meeting we can all have. With God. When we commit our lives to Him, trying, as best we can, to live His ways, knowing that He’s available for us 24/7, 365. For when you meet the Risen Jesus, an eternal relationship begins. What could be better? Any ideas?

How about winning a mega lottery? Multiple millions in our grubby paws? But winners often wind up losers for varied reasons, worse off than before they hit the jackpot. But you and I would be different. We can handle having a gazillion bucks in our clutches, fending off relatives we’ve never heard of, who immediately pop out of the woodwork. Right? Probably wrong. That’s you, I mean. I’ll keep greedy folk far away. Right? Fat chance, once again.

Here’s something far better–knowing Jesus places us in His hands forever. He’s the one we meet when you ask Him into your life. I met Jesus when I was 16 while listening to a radio program on a Sunday evening. Over the years, He’s become more precious to me in spite of my tendency to walk my own way, wanting what I want, tossing sand in His face, so to speak.

When you meet the Risen Jesus, you shake hands with two wonderful words found here in the Old Testament book of Proverbs–‘…Those who devise good meet steadfast love and faithfulness’ (Pr. 14:22). ‘Steadfast love’ and ‘faithfulness’ are two precious character traits of the Lord. You’ll see them coupled together throughout the Old Testament.

‘Steadfast love’ is God’s commitment to His own, which lasts when everything else fails and fades away. His promises endure it all. When He gives you His hand, He won’t pull it back. Like a marriage between a man and a woman, who love each other and stay committed to each other, so is God’s steadfast love.

Here’s more–‘faithfulness’. Where God stands by us. With us. Minding the store. Carrying the load. Always there in a pinch. Hedging us in. Protecting and providing. Trustworthy and dependable. Never flighty. He means what He says and says what He means. Faithfulness.

However, none of this is for those who turn their backs on God, wanting absolutely nothing to do with Him. Happily and deliberately divorced from Jesus. Determined to go their own way no matter what. Therefore, so be it. Their wish will be granted.

But for those of us who run to Jesus, wanting that relationship with Him, guess who eagerly comes your way, with open arms? Yes–steadfast love and faithfulness. Embodied in Jesus. Nice to meet you!

Lord Jesus, thank you for staying with me forever. Amen.

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