I’m amazed at how quickly I start worrying rather than praying or trusting the Lord. After breathing a sigh of relief, witnessing God’s help, then with the next whiff of trouble, guess what? Right. What eats at me instantly rears its ugly head. Going from believer to doubter without missing a beat. As if Easter Sunday never happened? Does anyone else identify with what I’m saying?

The people of ancient Israel certainly would shout a sorrowful ‘amen’. Do I feel better in their misery-loving company? Not really. So, let’s get with the program. What’s the point of following Jesus if we get nudged off-base at the slightest provocation?

Reading Exodus 14-15, we witness the miraculous escape of God’s people out of slavery in Egypt, freeing them to occupy God’s promised land. Not for a mere handful of stragglers. We’re talking about a couple of million people, heading toward freedom through God’s provision, protection, and direction.

Just prior, they note terrible plagues and troubles in Egypt because of their foolish and stubborn ruler, who wants nothing to do with losing his cheap labor force or providing royal approval of their foreign god. Disaster lurks nationwide except for where God’s people reside. He covers all the bases for His own as He would have for a repentant Egypt and its Pharaoh; but no, they want nothing to do with the true God. Not with their own so-called powerful gods, which leave them helplessly dragged down into utter wrack and ruin.

Israel saw this firsthand. With their own eyes. No doubt about it. And yet only three days out of Egypt, a mere 72 hours later, water runs out. This is a problem in the desert. Quite the understatement. One they’ll face time and again. But still, while God’s promises ring in their ears, they grumble and bicker at good old Moses, who’s starting to feel his age, big time! Exodus 15:24–“And the people grumbled against Moses, saying, ‘What shall we drink?’ And (Moses) cried to the Lord…”

Maybe you’re facing a challenge that makes you wonder if God can help. Or if He’s even concerned, willing to lift a finger or two. When that’s me, I try to remember what He’s already done for me. I try. Not consistently successful, but in time I hang onto Him as best I can. More like me waking up to the fact that Jesus is never leaving my side. He hangs onto me.

He knows we’re made of crumbly stuff. Dust and clay. He understands and loves us through and through. Why not give Him even a mustard seed-sized bit of your trust and faith? A little goes a long way. He’ll take it and make it grow. In His time. In His way. Did for Israel. Does for me. Will for you.

Risen Lord Jesus, thank you for always being there for me. Amen.

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