Having dinner with friends is usually a treat.  Food’s tasty and abundant with humorous banter back and forth, front and center, on the menu.  One time we have a meal that defies description, stretches credulity, and barely met minimum caloric requirements.  In other words, we didn’t get much to eat!  And before the casserole can be gotten to for seconds, it’s whisked off the table, and hidden away in the refrigerator.

Then we’re ushered into their living room to view some movie that’s their favorite while asking us if we’d like the heat on.  Turn on the heat?  It’s bitter cold outside, the dead of winter, and not much toastier inside.  We didn’t know what to say, so out came their blankets and afghans to keep in body heat, the only warmth in their house.  I knew Allen Funt and his ‘Candid Camera’ must be lurking somewhere behind the living room curtains.  Alas, not!  Too bad we had to leave early for some unknown reason.

What about the things of the Lord?  Is He a cosmic cheapskate?  Doling out only a smidgeon or two of His goodies?  A tiny dollop of ice cream when a triple scoop of Gelato on a waffle cone would be nice?  Counting out each grain of rice before cooking?  Generosity not being His middle name?

Fear not!  For the Lord lathers it on with blessings.  Slathers them like melted butter oozing over steamed lobster.  When He serves a plate, it’s full to overflowing.  Oodles and oodles.  Seconds or thirds are always available at His table.  Well, you get the point.  But don’t get me wrong.  I’m not referring to material things necessarily.  Sorry about that.  Somewhat disappointing isn’t it, but not unexpected!

Psalm 5:7–‘But I, through the abundance of your steadfast love, will enter your house.  I will bow down toward your holy temple…’  No doubt the best gift God could give us is His love.  Not the lovey-dovey, easier-said-than-felt type.  Mere words which lack follow-through.  No.  But the steadfast type.  Dependable.  Reliable.  Constant and committed.  Promises made; promises kept.  That’s His love.

We know this because the Father sent His only Son Jesus to save us from our sins.  To make the lost ones found.  Outcasts become His own.  Those standing outside His door welcomed in, in royal fashion, with God’s hands held wide open.

When I look in the mirror, I know how far from His ways I’ve lived my life.  Only me?  Don’t you wish!  I also know how much love He must have to care for me.  That takes a lot of love, and He has tons more, never running out.

Count on His love.  Not just a smidgeon of it.  More like limitless and inexhaustible.  That thought alone should make your day… and year as 2023 arrives.  Happy New Year!

Thank you, Jesus, for giving us your love forever.  Amen.

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