HOPE Psalm 115

It’s tempting to put yourself directly into a Bible passage that you’re reading.  Usually, that’s fine.  But sometimes, like that famous glove at the O.J. Simpson trial, it just doesn’t fit!  How about when Judas goes out and hangs himself when next you read this– ‘go and do likewise’.  No, don’t!  But in today’s psalm, I’m holding on tightly to a fragment of a verse.  It’s for me, personally.

Psalm 115: 13–‘…he will bless those who fear the Lord, both small and great.’  One word lifts my heart–  ‘small’.  As in those of us who don’t get much of the world’s attention, who leave a mark not quite matching the rich and famous.

The Lord levels the playing field.  Everyone can be blessed by God.  Everyone.  The small and the great.  Note the order here–‘ small’ first and ‘great’ later.

Our culture celebrates big-shot go-getters.  The super-rich.  The high-mucky-muck.  Prima donna hotshots.  And that’s sort of okay with me.  For many of them create jobs, foster progress moving life forward, even though many lead tragic and horrible lives.

But here in God’s Word, they’re not the only ones who matter.  There’s room even for the likes of me.  The small.  From Podunk.  Bottom rung, entry level and lightweight.  After all, I’m no Max Lucado.  Or C.S. Lewis.  Or any other popular author or preacher, for that matter.  Why not?  Lots of reasons.

Nevertheless, here I am, chugging along writing weekly devotionals for almost nine years now, to encourage and challenge others with no monetary gain for myself.  All done gladly and willingly.  Even my two published daily devotional books have put us in a lower tax bracket!  The small.  Me.

Franklin Graham hasn’t signed up to receive these weekly devotions…yet.  Oh well, his loss?  Probably not.  But really doesn’t matter.  Small is good.  I’ll take it.  Do you believe that?  I do… on good days.  But on others?  Well, you know!

What does God want?  Here’s that first part of verse 13–‘…he will bless those who fear the Lord…’  What’s this about fearing Him?  Fear means to worship, love, and be loyal to God.  Not cringing, dreading the back of His hand.  Though if we thumb our nose at God, rebelling with abandon, we probably should watch out.  But that’s not me.  Or you?

So, be blessed!  You know the Lord, don’t you?  Jesus makes us family…both small and great!  Room for all at His inn.  Mansions over His hilltop await even a small-fry follower like me!

Thank you, Jesus, for bringing me close to you forever.  Amen.

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