My doctor was pleasantly surprised to hear that I took his prescribed medication every day until the last tablet slid down my gullet.  I asked him why he was shocked by this.  Doesn’t everyone?  No, he said.  Not at all.  Many poop out after a couple of days of pill-popping.  What?  He wasn’t kidding.  And then they wonder why they’re back in his office griping and complaining about not getting any better.  Take the medicine.  All of it.

Today’s devotional will be shorter than ever.  Who said ‘amen’?  I heard you and know who you are and where you live!  Nevertheless, God’s prescription is for daily reading of Psalm 85.  When?  Whenever.  Morning, noon, or night.  Most any translation.  Ingest it as many times as you want.  Without limit.  Don’t miss a day.  Don’t skip a verse or two and call it good.  No toxic side effects.  No huge price tag or deductable.  And no speed-reading, Fischer!  Okay, already, we get the point, which is probably on the top of my head!  Take the medicine.  All of it.

At the end of this week, I wonder how you’ll feel?  A tad happier?  Mood a bit lighter?  More praise than complaints?  Fewer fears and worries?  More trust and a closer relationship with your Lord Jesus?  Pretty good stuff, huh?

Take the medicine!  All of it.  Much better than a spoon full of sugar!  Psalm 85.

Lord Jesus, thank you for the Bible, your Word, which is so precious and true.  Amen.

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