WHEN? Zechariah 12-13

Certain days in our lives stand out.  When we’re born, obviously.  At the other end, ‘…when we have shuffled off this mortal coil’ (from ‘Hamlet’).  And those in-between.  Graduations.  Marriages.  The births of children and grandchildren.  April 15th.  December 25th.  January 1st.  When?  Those certain days.

Have you located Zechariah in your Bible?  He’s one of the Minor Prophets in the Old Testament.  Minor, not in importance, but rather in brevity.   Zechariah contains the most prophecies about the coming Messiah, making him more of a Major Prophet in my estimation.

The reason why this Bible book is so packed with Messiah Jesus is that for far too many generations ancient Israel has eaten its heart out suffering from oodles and caboodles of sin while crying out to the Lord for His help.  Seems like they’ve been hurting forever, as all their own inner resources run on empty, and they realize their need for God.  But when?

So, the Lord wants to make it crystal clear that He’s heard them, He cares and loves them, and gives His Word that that day of freedom and salvation is coming.  It’s on its way.  When?  Only God knows.  But ‘on that day’ death and hell finally meet their match.

The phrase ‘on that day’ gets mentioned 10 times in Zechariah 12 and 13.  A perfect number reminding God’s people of His promised care.  He’ll have the last word over evil and ungodliness.  It’s curtains for Satan and his cohorts.  Their swan song and last hurrah screech and squeal one more time.  But bravos and standing ovation without end are offered to God Himself.

No matter what you’re going through, there’s a day coming when troubles and trials peter out and wither away.  Earthly difficulties will persist for only a day, so to speak.  ‘On that day’ the end of all tight spots and scrapes safely lands.  Living between a rock and a hard place makes its final curtain call.  Kaput!

Applause can be heard from God’s victorious audience.  Cheers of joy, laughter, and praise to our God echo forth through heaven’s halls.  His day has arrived!

Lord Jesus, how we look forward to the day of your return.  Amen. 

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