SEA OF TROUBLES Zechariah 10

We’ve been at sea on a cruise ship when it’s rock-and-roll on the waves!  Quickly we head back to our stateroom, turning our heads into the ‘head’, then off to bed a little lighter, which is when I order room service to not miss even one meal!  After all, we paid for it…  A true Fischer!

On a more serious note, years ago a neighbor sues us over trees, roots, and property lines.  Now our troubles are on land.  Our insurance company carries us through seven years of litigation.  Not a typo–seven years.  Their longest case.  We’re number one when we least want to be.  Finally, we win that case but not without acquiring anxiety-filled emotional bruises and scars.

Through it all, the Lord Jesus stays with us.  Therefore, we determine to do nothing nasty to these neighbors other than to defend ourselves in court, which we do vehemently.  No manure gets tossed up on their driveway.  No harassing phone calls at 3am.  Not even praying that the Lord would make them sick, die, and disappear.  But how tempting to be mean and rotten as others have been to us.  But we want to follow Jesus and travel His higher road.  As best we can.

What happens?  These neighbors do get sick and die, and then the suit gets settled quickly and eagerly by their heirs.  Our insurance covers every last dime of the multiple thousands of dollars dished out in legal-related bills.  Wait a minute.  Not true.  I do have to buy one stamp, mailing pictures to our attorney!

We experience what’s promised in this Old Testament prophecy–‘He shall pass through the sea of troubles and strike down the waves of the sea…’ (Zech. 10: 11).  The ‘He’ is God Himself.  He goes with us through whatever ‘sea of troubles’ we flail around in nearly drowning.

The next time waves get churned up and I’m tossed about with deep troubles, I’ll have fears, anxiety, and worries.  Sorry about that, but I know myself and so does God.  But sooner or later, somewhere deep within, I’ll hear His comforting and reassuring voice reminding me that He’s got me covered.  By my side.  Holding both my hands.

So, stay the course following Jesus.  Don’t get bitter and nasty with tit-for-tat recriminations.  No matter the outcome.  No matter if the next time we lose.  Jesus never deserts us.  Never.  That’s God’s promise–‘…I am with you always…’ (Matt. 28:20).

Don’t take my word for it.  Take His!

Oh Lord, thank you for standing with me.  No matter what.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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