When we purchase a pair of expensive, highly hyped pillows, we take careful note of the return policy in case we don’t like them.  Can they be returned?  Who pays the return postage?  If free, then where do we have to go to send them back?  Timbuktu?  An adjacent state?  What’s their return policy?

Turns out those infamous pillows of infomercial fame, feel like they contain small rocks under our heads.  Not in our heads but under, wise guy!  No way will we keep them.  Back they go with a refund gladly received!  Free return postage to boot!

Take a gander at Zechariah 1 in the Old Testament.  It tells us of God’s return policy.  Not of pillows but of sin.  Yes, that nasty three-letter word.  Unfortunately, missing God’s mark is, as usual, quite in vogue.  I’m in that regretful group.  Can’t seem to get out.  Membership renewed without any questions asked.  Autopayments are made with ease.  So, how do I return my sin?

Zechariah 1: 3–‘…Return to me, says the Lord of hosts, and I will return to you…’  Here’s how–return sin by turning to our Lord, who loves to forgive and forget.  Ask Jesus’ help.  He’s available 24/7, 365, and even on an extra day during leap year!

Yes, repentance.  Yes, confession.  Yes, restitution if possible and appropriate.  But all returned and finally dealt with by our Lord God.  His promise.  What more could we possibly need?  Good enough for me.

Obviously, we’ve been on a collision course with ourselves when sin dominates.  It’s not that God has turned His back on us.  Quite the contrary.  That’s how it is with sin.  It doubles back on us in an unwanted, unexpected, nasty way.  Like a boomerang that hits us squarely on the old noggin.  Returned to sender.

So, turn around.   Return to the Lord.  On your knees, so to speak.  With sorrow and regret.  Not hiding behind excuses of any sort any longer.

He promises that when we do, He’ll be right there, face-to-face, holding our hands, speaking loving words of forgiveness, while giving us a new start.  That’s His return policy.  When we take that first step, we’ll discover that He’s always been there for us.  Urging us on.  Wanting us to turn back.  Waiting like the father in Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son.  Waiting and watching for us to return.  Gracious return policy, I’d have to say.

That is what Resurrection Sunday means.  A new day.  A new start.  Life overcoming death.  Forgiveness covering sins.  All because of Jesus, God’s only Son, and our Savior.  His life.  His death on the Cross.  His coming to life again three days later.  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!

By all means, have a Happy Easter!

Thank you, Lord, for all your love and forgiveness.  In Jesus’ name and for His sake.  Amen.

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