COME AND SEE John 1: 35-51

We loved a church member named Etta Good, who graced us with her good life well into her 102nd year.  What a gem.  Etta loved the Lord and was so appreciative of her church family and pastor.  How could we not dote on this most gentle of the Lord’s flock?

On her big day, I asked Etta in Sunday worship ‘what’s it like to turn 100’?  And also ‘what’s your secret’?  She piped up saying that ‘it’s not all it’s cracked up to be!’  As to her secret? — ‘just don’t die!’  See what I mean?  What a joy, our Etta.

Ever wonder if being a Christian is not all it’s cracked up to be?  And better not to die, not to test it?  Who hasn’t wondered?  Will there be a yonder over yonder?  We wonder.  After all, we’re not there yet.  Still breathing earth’s air.  All we’ve ever known.  But then, when our time comes, only two airports open.  I know which one my ticket heads to.  Can’t take any baggage on board, however.  Need not a thing.  All provided.  Only the best of the very best for God’s own people.

But even Jesus’ disciples wonder about this strange prophet-like character from Nazareth.  Here in John 1, they’re not so sure.  Who is He?  A false messiah?  One more religious charlatan?  Where does He stay?  Where’s He from?  Can anything good come from that flea-bitten town of Nazareth?  Their questions float in the air.

Jesus’ response?  Anger?  Disappointment?  Hurt feelings?  All of the above?  None of the above!  He says–‘Come and you will see…’ (John 1:39).  That’s the call of Jesus to them then and to all of us now.  Come and see.

It’s not testing God though it sounds like it.  Rather it’s accepting an invitation to experience what He offers us.  A finding out for ourselves.  A discovery of what could be right under our noses.  Come and see.  Have you?  Would you like to?  You’re invited.

When you do, you’ll note Him at work in your life.  Faith produces evidence.  Often in hindsight but you’ll know for yourself that Jesus is smack dab in the middle of your life.  When you need God’s encouragement, come and see.  No matter what your prayer needs, come and see what God can and will do…in His time, in His way.  But there’s the rub.  Getting behind Him.  Letting Him take the lead.  Never easy.  Certainly not for me.  Nevertheless, necessary.

Ready?  Give whatever disturbs your heart to Him.  Wait on Him.  Don’t push ahead forcing God’s hand by bargaining, making false promises, or laying out acceptable solutions that He must deliver, or else you’ll tell Him to take a hike.  Better do what I want or else.  I’m the quarterback calling the plays.  Really?

Is that faith?  Hardly.  More like trying to keep God under my thumb.  Throwing my weight around.  Holding tight to the reigns.  All eventually lead to a dead-end canyon with no way out.

But there’s hope.  An invitation, which is engraved with your name, has been sent!  RSVP?  Yes?  Then come and see.

Thank you, Jesus, for being true to your word always.   Amen.

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