SIMPLY Zephaniah 1

Why do I make life more difficult than it already is?  I’ve earned my dishonorary doctorate in catastrophizing and nail-biting from the unaccredited, no profit, no good University of Hard Knocks!  Something a tad dodgy becomes devastating to my emotions, loosely held together by chewing gum.  What’s seemingly bad graduates to far worse without even lifting a finger or batting an eyelash.  Am I alone in this?

When it comes to our relationship with the Lord, simplicity should rule day and night.  Did you know that that last phrase is technically called a ‘merism’?  Two opposites that signify totality.  Day and night=all the time.  There I go again.  Muddying the waters.  Discombobulating what should be easy as pie.  After all, who gives a flying fig?

See what I mean?  I make things all tangled and tied up in knots.  Anyway, reading the Old Testament prophet Zephaniah, there’s hope.  As in God wanting my relationship with Him to be out in the open, no bones about it, a snappy walk in the park.  Really?  Yes indeed.  Simply enjoying my loving relationship with God.

Zephaniah 1: 6–‘…those who have turned back from following the Lord, who do not seek the Lord or inquire of him.’  Turning that verse’s negative into a positive, I’m assuming that we all want to follow the Lord Jesus.  But let me be up-front–I’m a poor example.  Flawed, cracked, and broken.  You say that you know that about me?  Thanks.  With friends like that you, who needs…!

So, don’t follow me.  Follow Jesus.  For it’s the will of God that we do just that.  Get behind Jesus allowing Him to take the lead.  Follow the leader.  Stop trying to do what only He does best.  God wants more followers than leaders.  Get out of His way.  But don’t lag too far behind.  Use the gifts given you by you-know-who, doing what He wants.  Simply follow.

Then seek Him.  Pray.  Talk it over.  Not like He’s clueless, as if your bad news comes as a shocking surprise to Jesus.  Hardly.  Seek Him.  He’s all ears, eager to help in His way, in His time.  Lay it all at His feet.  Hold nothing back.  Simply seek.

Then inquire of your Lord.  This means getting into your Bible and having it get into you.  Not long ago, a professor at my old Bible school tells me that today’s Bible student knows so little about the Bible.  Say what?  Clogged ears?  No.  These are coeds at one of the leading and oldest Bible schools in our nation.  The cream of the crop, so to speak, may have soured a bit, sad to say.

Get serious about inquiring of the Lord.  See which way His wind blows.  Pay rapt attention to your Bible.  Immerse yourself.  Wonder why we know so little?  Any ideas?  You know.  Simply inquire.

Follow…seek…inquire.  God’s will, with all its simplicity, that even I can understand.

Lord Jesus, I want to know you better.  Amen.

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