BIG Psalm 69

Big categorizes what we buy anymore.  Quantities maximized.  Those humungous cubes of 24 soda cans literally destroy my wife’s shoulder when lifting those monsters up onto the checkout counter at the grocery store where she worked.  Big toilet paper packs get piled up sky high during the pandemic, making it almost impossible to get into your car.  We jam-pack all our available cabinet and closet space before hoarders squirel them all away!

Big personalities dominate the political landscape.  Poor old ‘Silent Cal’ Coolidge wouldn’t stand a chance today.  Honest Abe’s out.  Big names adorn marquees at mega-churches, drawing crowds for entertaining worship.  Big cars and trucks crowd our highways and bi-ways, guzzling gas like it’s going out of style.

Here are some big words and phrases from Psalm 69–‘save me’, ‘my prayer is to you’, ‘an acceptable time’, ‘abundance of steadfast love’, ‘answer me’, ‘your saving faithfulness’, ‘deliver me’, ‘hide not your face’, ‘draw near to my soul’, ‘redeem me’.  Lots more where those came from.  Check them out.

Know what grabs me?  How honest we can and should be with our God–‘I am weary with my crying out; my throat is parched.  My eyes grow dim with waiting for my God’ (Ps. 69:3).  See?  Be an open book.  Clear as a bell.  Not crafting our prayers, walking on eggshells, as if only magic, right words will force His hand.  Trying to manipulate Jesus into giving us what we want, as if we could.

Be yourself.  Like you’re talking with your best friend.  Isn’t He?  Be respectful.  He’s God.

Know that we have a big God, who has surprising answers to our prayers.  Come close.  Even closer.  There’s room.  Plenty of it.  Big, wide-open space in His heart for you and me.

Thank you, Jesus, for being my Lord and Savior.  I love you.  Amen.

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