Psalm 65 is a favorite one of mine.  Read it and maybe it will become one of yours.  Especially when we need some good news.  The overload of internet and TV news outlets makes everything so in your face.  Too much horror, scandal and madness.  Hardly anything that smacks of godliness.  Know what I mean?

A friend says that it was probably better a century ago when it takes about a year to find out about some tragedy which hits somewhere to somebody else.  When news arrives it’s all over and done with.  Not sure I agree, but I see his point.  Shut out bad news, at least for the moment.

How about some good news like simple praise and thanksgiving to our great God?  Raving about Jesus.  Hats off to the Holy Spirit.  A gold star to the Father.  Shout out good news.  Then cozy up to this psalm.  What the doctor orders?  To overcome what eats away at us?  Could be.  Try it.

Notice in the psalm’s introduction that King David is the author who writes for his choirmaster and choirs.  This is joyous singing time.  Breathe deeply, fill your lungs with oxygen, and let fly melodious words to our God.

Here I’ve listed some stanzas and overtones from Psalm 65.  God hears our prayers (v.2).  Forgives our sins (v.3).  Chooses us to be close to Him, dwelling where He does (v.4).  Provides all we’ll ever need and then some (v.4).  He’s mighty (v.5).  Acts for His own (v.4).  Creates the most amazing planet (vs.5-8).  And sustains all creation with the mere utterance of a word (vs.9-13).

This week get an eyeful of the gifts God gives you.  Stopping in your tracks, thank Him.  Using your hand-sanitizer on bad news, distance yourself way more than six feet from worst-case scenarios, nail-biting anxiety and fidgety fear.  Giving them up for an early Lent.  Singing good news.

See if that doesn’t make for a better week.  Get snug as a bug in a rug with Psalm 65!

Thank you, Lord, for all your goodness.  We love you and praise you most of all.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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