HERE’S MORE Psalm 56

Here’s another week with Psalm 56.  Says so much about God.  Going verse by verse, we discover that God is gracious, loving and kind.  Forgiving.  Trustworthy and worthy of ALL our praise.  With God on our side, as He is, by faith in Jesus His only Son, fear gets tossed out the window.  Or should.

He cares so much that it’s as if He has our tears in a bottle and a written record of them in His book.  Our picture on a refrigerator magnet in His kitchen.  Our childlike, homemade pictures plastered all over His office.  Sort of.

After all, God is for us.  On our side.  Our advocate, who stands up for us, even when double-crossers smear and slam us.  The Lord never throws salt on our wounds.  Never says one thing to our face only to badmouth us behind our back.  Never abandons us for a younger, cuter, wealthier convert.  Sticks with us through thick-and-thin.  As in forever.  For sure.

There’s no one in this world as good as our God.  No one.  So, enjoy Him!  Relish knowing that He’s always by your side, even when the winds blow hard against us and the tide starts dangerously rolling in.  Especially then.

Depend on Jesus.  Better than the Rock of Gibraltar.  He’s your Rock of Ages.  Takes whatever monkey off your back and carries it on His.  No matter what’s in store, He’s always minding the store.  You get the point.  Don’t you?

So says Psalm 56.  Soak in it!

Lord, what an honor to know and love you.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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