NEVER AGAIN? Deuteronomy 17

I’ve discovered a gem in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy, in the midst of laws, rules and regulations.   A fragment of a verse which gives me pause.

Chapter 17 focuses on negative and positive instructions for a king, if ancient Israel chooses to have one.  Marvelous words that also apply to all believers.  Look at Deuteronomy 17:16 for that gemstone–‘…You shall never return that way again.’

The warning’s issued against anything material or spiritual that will lead Israel to turn back to Egypt.  Back to slavery. Back to worshipping gods other than the one true God, Yahweh.  Backwards.  ‘Never return that way again.’

A thought crosses my mind– true repentance means that we don’t return to sinful ways on a regular habit.  Instead of toying with what God forbids, turn away.  Don’t say you’ll do it, do it.  Not like Lot’s wife, who’s supposed to be on a salt-free diet, yet gazes over her shoulder, yearning to go back sin’s way, then becoming a block of Kosher salt.

I know when I mean business with the Lord that things change in my life.  Yes, I’ve had times of grasping greed, holding tightfistedly to money and things.  Not just then, but now.  When I look in the mirror of my Bible, I know that I must change.

But do I really want to?  Completely?  100%?  Don’t I wish!  I’m far from perfect.  Often a perfect mess!  Yet Jesus knows that I long to be His true-blue, dyed-in-the-wool follower.  At least most of the time.  See my dilemma?  Yet He forgives me, giving strength to get off my duff, stop wallowing in guilt and pity, shifting my transmission, so to speak, out of reverse into forward drive.

Now it’s your turn to face whatever needs changing.  Being honest and upfront, probably best keeping it between you and your Lord, knowing the trouble sin causes.  Hoping and praying never to return that way again.

At least until the next time.  And when we do, as we will, get up and go.  Holding Jesus’ hand.  Looking up into His face, resolving not to double back, flip-flopping, and bottoming out once again.  Jesus will help you get right back up!  Ready?

Lord Jesus, I want to be more like you.  Amen.

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