AS HE SAID Matthew 28

Who can you trust?  Seems like few and far between anymore.  Growing up we respected police and firefighters, doctors and teachers, and pastors.  I called our elderly neighbors Mr., Mrs. or Miss.  Never by their first names.  If any complaints came to my parents about me, the griper was believed way before yours truly!

Remember when you shouldn’t trust anyone over 30?  Then those under 30!  That covers the gamut.  Leaves us with little authority to lean upon.  Few we can believe in.  Lion’s share come up short.  Except.

You know what I’m about to say.  Yes, Jesus!  After His crucifixion, women followers come to His tomb, expecting nothing less than one containing His lifeless body.  But instead, they encounter the unimaginable.  He’s gone.  An angel tells them not to be afraid.  Yeah, right!  Why not?  What’s happened?  Where is He?  God’s messenger says this–‘He is not here, for he has risen, as he said…’ (Matt. 28:6).

‘As he said…’  That’s it.  We can read Jesus’ promises and stories, His miraculous healings and right teaching, trusting them one and all.  It’s all there in your Bible.  Check it out!  The Old Testament points to the coming Messiah, with all fulfilled by Jesus Christ in the New.  ‘…as he said…’ –from start to finish.

What Jesus says we can trust.  And the only way to know Him better is to dig deeper into your Bible.  Without that, we’re left utterly vulnerable to any claptrap myth and baloney society doles out and bullies us with.  The more I study God’s Word, the more this world seems hopelessly off-base, off-kilter, off-the-wall, outlandish, hitting multiple sour notes all at the same time.  Well, you get the point!

So, take Jesus at His word.  Feast on your Bible like never before.  Then you’ll notice that your trust barometer is beginning to rise, and heading in the right direction.  Just ‘…as he said…’

Thank you Jesus, for being totally trustworthy.  Amen.

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