BARKIS IS WILLING! Matthew 23: 37-39

I love Dicken’s novels.  In ‘David Copperfield’ young Davy is raised by an attendant named Peggotty.  She’s a gentle, humble woman who loves Davy as her own.  He feels the same toward her.  Later a rough and tumble man, a good’s hauler, shows interest in Peggotty.  His name is Barkis.  He asks Davy to pass along the word that he’d like to marry her.  Davy is to say ‘Barkis is willing!’  Peggotty gets the message loud and clear and is willing!

Willingness.  That’s what’s missing in ancient Jerusalem as Jesus prays–‘O Jerusalem, O Jerusalem…How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing!’ (Matt. 23:37).  Barkis is willing but not God’s people.  When Jesus wants to gather His own close to Him, to love and care for them, they put up both hands, barking a loud ‘NO!” Unwilling.

How about you and me?  When Jesus makes promises do we go around unwilling and unbelieving?  Not sure if He’s ready to help?  His willingness heard in one ear and out the next?  That’s me, sad to say, more often than not.

But Jesus knows we’re far from perfect.  What He wants is an inclination, a simple nod, a genuine desire to be His own.  A willingness.  He’ll clean us up in time.  Then completely in the sweet by-and-by.

In the meantime, cuddle up a little closer.  Talk with Jesus.  Hear from Him in your Bible.  Put Him center frame in the Zoom picture of your daily life.  As best you can, try to block out Satan’s nasty lies, put-downs and suspicious doubts.

So, are you willing?  All in?  Mostly?  Well, that’s a good start.  Let’s keep at it.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for being my best forever friend.  Amen.

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