SO LITTLE FAITH Matthew 14: 28-33

When we sail on Israel’s Sea of Galilee, a sandstorm has been raging for countless days.  We can hardly see the water below us, let alone the surrounding shoreline.  At least no storms hit that day.  Not so for Jesus’ disciples, plying those same waters two millennia ago.  Ferocious winds batter their boat, leaving their emotions on pins and needles.

Who comes to their rescue?  We know but they have no idea.  Maybe a phantom or a ghost?  No, it’s Jesus!  And Peter calls out for help.  As we should when life turns ugly.  He’s their rescuer as He’ll be for us.

But it’s Peter who wants more, as in walking on water with Jesus.  Unfortunately, Peter gets spooked, looks down and has that sinking feeling.  Glub, glub, glub!  ‘Lord, save me’ (Matt. 14:30).  And Jesus does.  That’s when our Lord utters those sad words–‘O you of little faith, why did you doubt?’ (Matt. 14:31).

Jesus doesn’t say that they have no faith, but way too little of it.  Looking in my honesty-mirror, when ‘storms’ lash out my way, without missing a beat, I begin to worry.  More than that, I catastrophize, imagining the very worst is just around the corner or smack dab in my face.  At some point I pray, trying to focus on Jesus as best I can, with all those blasted jitters and shakes weighing me down.

Why so hard to rely on my Lord?  Well, I have little faith.  Limp dishrag trust.  Less than a gallon of gas in my belief-tank.  Low-voltage hope.  What to do?  Any ideas?

Here’s a few.  First, I try to remember that the Lord still loves me even when I falter and sink.  Like He does for Peter and the others.  He’s much more forgiving than I imagine.  Then, I daily stay in His Word, the Bible.  Also praying, telling Him all my fears.  Everything really.  Like He doesn’t already know?

That’s a good start.  Our faith?  Not quite so little.  Signs of growth clock in and come to light, much like daffodils in earliest spring!


Lord Jesus, help my faith to grow.  Amen.

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