TITLE DEED Hebrews 11

When we finally decide to move, what a job to find what we want.  Will we know it when we see it?  We start to wonder when home after home, community after community, bats out more foul balls than home runs.  Burned out and fed up, especially when lied to by pushy hotshot sales people.  Or others who could care less.

Until my wife discovers a brand-new neighborhood.  As we drive through, all the boxes are ticked.  Everything comes together as we thank the Lord.  We’ve found where our new home will be!

Our realtor is shocked when next we produce a sizeable check for our down payment, which shows our good faith, matched by the builder’s 5-month hard work commitment.  As spade first hits the ground, all we can do is check construction progress.  And, when complete, it’s not ours until we gain possession of the title.  When the house is paid for, then and only then, is the title deed ours.  Home purchased!

The in-between time requires patience and trust, that what the builder promises will be produced.  Like Hebrews 11 faith–‘Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen’ (v.1).   Over and over again, the phrase ‘by faith’ is repeated.  ‘By faith…assurance…conviction.’  We need the same, especially when we hit life’s speed bumps.  ‘By faith…’

Leaning on Jesus.  Never letting go of His hands.  Sitting, snuggled close by Him, me on one side, you on the other.  Waiting patiently (or trying to!).  Trusting in God’s Word that He will fulfill His promises in His time, in His way.  Hoping for what we currently don’t have or see.  ‘By faith…’

In this life, you and I remain under construction.  He’s not done yet.  The title deed will pass to us as we leave this world for a far, far better place.  And then?  We’re home!  Even the porch light is left on!


Thank you, Father, for a mansion over the hilltop with you and Jesus, the Holy Spirit, angels and saints galore!  Amen.


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