After a nice visit with my parents, my boys and I arrive at Newark airport to fly home.  We walk around to pass the time before boarding our flight.  It’s then that I notice a man sitting all by himself, waiting to get on a jumbo jet leaving for San Francisco.  A solitary figure whom I recognize immediately.

It’s the ‘Yankee Clipper’!  Who?  A bygone Yankee Stadium announcer names him this because he seems to run as fast as the new airplane, the Pan Am Clipper.  Now I’m gazing at Hall of Famer Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio!

Let me say that I first met him years ago when I’m 2 years old.  He visits the polio ward I’m confined to where he gives out autographed baseballs to each of us.  Mine gets stolen.  Oh well.

At Newark airport a thought crosses my mind.  Knowing that Joe D is a shy man, I’m nevertheless impelled to go over and say the following–‘Mr. DiMaggio, sorry to bother you.  But you visited me at the Sister Kenny ward in Jersey City while I was being treated for polio in 1949, and I just wanted to thank you.’  What I’m determined not to do is ask for his autograph, which is almost beyond my control!  All I want is to thank him.  That’s it.  He graciously says ‘your welcome’ and shakes my hand.  Then, as the intended last passenger, he’s ushered onto that jumbo jet.

This Thanksgiving, let’s praise and thank the Lord for being with us as our God, who loves us beyond measure.  Psalm 100:4–‘Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise!  Give thanks to him; bless his name!’

Put personal requests on the back burner.  Just for a moment.  Not for long.  I know–we have so many needs this year.  Been such a difficult and scary one.  For us personally, Thanksgiving Day has been blown out of the water.  All family plans scrapped and gutted due to a nasty, unseen bug.

But I’m not going to allow it to put the kibosh on my thanks to Jesus.  No way.  And you?  Time to rise above it.  After all, the Lord loves to hear our thanks and praise.  Means so much to Him.  Remember, He’s not on some jumbo jet, winging His way to parts unknown.  He’s right here.  With us.  Never to leave.  Thank you, Lord!

And a Happy Thanksgiving!


Thank you for being our God.  We love you.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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