MOTEBECANE MOPED 1 Thessalonians 5

I moped around for months after unsavory thieves did their dirty work on my French Motebecane Moped.  I loved that 2-wheeled wonder.  You could pedal it or move the tiny gasoline motor over the front tire and off you’d go!  I even traversed the George Washington Bridge, chugging through Manhattan, visiting church members in hospital.

This was during the gasoline crisis, when scarce petrol could be pumped only on certain days for so many gallons.  My moped got over 75 miles on a third of a gallon.  Can you imagine?  The gas tank held that tiny amount, meaning I could travel most everywhere, not worrying about running out or declaring bankruptcy !

Until I go downtown to buy a newspaper, carefully watching my moped parked outside the newsstand, but having my vision blocked by what turned out to be some rather shady characters.  Coming out of the store, anxious to get home to read that rag sheet, it hits me.  No moped!   I’ve been robbed!!

The Bible talks about being prepared for Jesus’ soon return.  Soon being a relative term.  Relative to His timeframe and not yours, mine or some know-it-all prophecy, chart-thumping prognosticator.  Whenever it is, it will come just as the Bible says–‘For you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night’ (1Thess. 5:2).

Thieves don’t usually send an announcement including their nefarious details.  They didn’t phone me in advance–‘You’ll be robbed Tuesday morning at 9 am at the corner newsstand.  Be there.  Don’t be late.  We’ll be waiting and you’ll be walking home!’

So, get your spiritual house in order.  On highest alert.  Lock up your moped as I didn’t!  Guard your mind and heart by spending time in your Bible.  No speed-reading.  Find out more about Jesus and His ways.  Less about politics (!), money, and time-wasting diversions.  Much less.  Install a security system with spiritual preparedness.

Jesus is coming again.  When?  Whenever.  Don’t be caught off guard.  That’s too easy.  I can tell you.  I just did!


Lord Jesus, help us to prepare for your return.  Amen.


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