Maybe you’ve heard this expression–‘Faith tastes the goodness of God’.  Hmm.  Really?  Wonder what that means? Sounds like a mixed spiritual and gastronomic metaphor.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Speaking of food, my wife cooks marvelous meals, using spices that add depth of flavor.  The air fills with tantalizing aromas.  And left-overs never tossed out.  Never.  Anticipating dinner is pure joy!

How about your hunger, your taste for the things of God?  Wanting to know Jesus better?  Your Bible an eager daily habit?  Praying more than worrying?  Giving money, bringing God’s Kingdom a step closer?  Sharing Jesus with someone else?  Is that your tummy growling?!

Faith that tastes exhibits a personal experience.  Not some erudite, academic prowess but something from deep within.  Passionate and heartfelt.

Does trusting the Lord leave a bland taste in your mouth?  As when fear nudges out faith?  Or that yummy sweet taste, knowing that our Lord Jesus is the Good Shepherd taking care of everything?  Which one?

Frankly, I’m a mishmash of a mixed bag!  Some this, some that.  Hands folded in prayer while biting my fingernails all at the same time!  Didn’t know I was so acrobatic, did you?  But don’t be too hard on me or yourself, for the Lord gets it that we’re dust and clay.  Friable stuff.  Easily crumbled under pressure.

Guess what?  Right!  He still loves us, warts and all.  So imagine the super-sized mercy and compassion, kindness and patience of our Lord for His own.  For who?  Yes!  You and me!  Chew on that this week.  Your faith will taste God’s goodness!  Yum!

Psalm 34:8–‘Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!  Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!’

Bon Appetite!


Lord Jesus, thank you for loving me so much.  Amen.

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