THAT MAKES SENSE Luke 8: 40-56

Blessings come from God.  I say, the more the merrier.  Not showers but downpours.  Yet when troubles hit, we wonder.  Where’s God then?  He has some tall explaining to do.  Really?  Instead of looking on the sunny side, I nurse older, darker wounds.  Scabs and scars.  Too bad really.  What am I missing out on?

Reading Romans 8:28, you’ll find out.  Me too!  God takes all kinds of nasty stuff, and somehow, due to His being God, makes lemonade out of lemons.  Gets my approval though hardly needed!

But in Luke 8 something bothers me.  Synagogue leader, Jairus, rushes up to Jesus because his 12 year old daughter is dying.  Word floats around that Jesus can help.  Jairus gets His nod and off they go together.

A large crowd gathers around Jesus when someone touches Him and healing happens.  Here’s my question.  Why make a big stink about this woman touching Jesus?  He knows who’s done it.  Yet, he tells his followers to find out who.  In the meantime, Jairus knows that time is slipping away.  May already be too late.  She was so sick when he last saw her.  And foot travel chews up valuable time.

But Jesus refuses to take one step further without pinpointing her identity.  Why?  Feels like He’s making an example of her, which bothers me.  Is that what’s going on?

Not quite.  This poor woman suffers with a blood condition for 12 years.  Ancient sawbones have bled her savings down to the last shekel.  Also, in her culture, Temple worship nixed.  Marriage relationship on the back burner.  Friends and family move far away leaving no forwarding address.

Here’s her next hurdle.  When she’s healed, who’s going to believe her?  Think about that.  She’ll find everyone still at arm’s length.  Socially distant much more than 6 feet!  Disbelieving and accusing her of doing anything to seem well.  Even lying?  Making up stories?  She might.

No.  Jesus will have none of that.  He’ll make a blowout storm of this healing.  No one will doubt, absolutely no one, what He’s done for her.  She’s healed and that’s that.  This woman.  Completely cured and restored.  No one will dare to defy Him.

That makes sense, doesn’t it?  Could it be that what we’ve experienced, the good, the bad and the ugly, may take on a different slant when we know that Jesus’ hand has been at work?  What our eyes can’t see or fathom?  Romans 8:28 again.

And Jairus?  He no doubt needs to see Jesus’ healing power.  Firsthand.  With his own eyes.  And he does.  So, when word comes that his precious daughter is dead, he keeps following Jesus home, and even upstairs where her lifeless body lies.  No jeering from Jairus, like from those mourners who mock Jesus.  No.  He hopes that the best may yet happen.  For he’s just seen what Jesus’ hands can do.

How about being a Jairus this week?  Follow Him no matter what.  See the Master at work.  Look…!


Thank you, Jesus, for giving me eyes to see.  Amen.

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