A certain lawyer always intimidates me.  Has a way of keeping me at arm’s length, letting me know who’s boss.  One day I’m called by this legal eagle’s office for certain financial planning information which I know is all wrong.  My chance arrives!  I’m ready to pounce upon this legal beagle with my right as rain straight stuff.  Gotcha!  Finally!  Thank you, Lord!

When this solicitor gets on the phone, the first word I hear is this–‘Nevertheless…’  As if to spout off–‘I don’t care what you say.  Just give it to me’.  Oh, how I’d love to!

Blasted member of the bar almost sends me to the nearest watering hole.  Nevertheless…I stay sober but in a blue funk, down in the dumps, chewing on a bitter pill!

In Luke 5 Simon Peter and Andrew, along with James and John, are out fishing but with nary a bite.  They’ve worked hard all night when the catch should be at its best.  But this industry offers no guarantees.  They know the risks.  Its fishy ups-and-downs.

Yet here comes someone who happens to be a carpenter.  Callouses from totally different work.  May know about wood and hand tools, but fishing?  It’s Jesus!  Listen to Him when these pro’s know best?  Who’s He to tell them what to do?  Buttinsky and meddler?  Nevertheless…Simon casts the net to where he’s told.

Simon’s pride and know-how say to forget it.  His heart says to follow.  His better judgement gives way to the Master’s wisdom.  Faithful obedience overcomes what his eyes can’t see.

Is there something in your life that you need to toss the net to on the other side?  Where it seems fruitless?  Giving it one more try?  Humbly listening to someone else for a change?  Praying more while not letting go?

I’m thinking of so much that I need to let Jesus handle.  Taking my net and tossing it His way.  I get in the way so often.  Don’t want to, yet here I am smack dab where I shouldn’t be.  Like some smarty-pants judicial know-it-all.

Nevertheless…Jesus still wants to help.  Will you let Him?  Toss the net His way?  Why not?


Lord Jesus, please help me.  In your name.  Amen.




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