Are there really only two types of people?  On the one hand, certainly not.  As in ancestry, interest levels, intellectual abilities, artistic talent.  You name it and there are scads of different folk in this world.  Can’t think of anyone in my family who’s the same as me.  Who said, ‘praise the Lord’?  I heard that!  Sounded like first cousin once removed so-and-so!

On the other hand, Isaiah 65 states that spiritually there are only seekers and forsakers.  Now, it’s true that we can’t see into another’s heart and soul.  But by their fruit, Jesus says (Matt. 7:16).  You can sense something, can’t you?  Telltale inward and outward signs of the Lord?

However, surprises happen.  People we thought were Jesus’ own turn out to walk as far from Him as possible.  I’ll never forget a late night phone call from a denominational international mission executive crying his eyes out to me as his wife, also ordained, has run off with a younger guy of a non-Christian religion.  She renounces her husband and her Lord.  Can still recall the agony and shock echoing in his wailing, howling screams.  We don’t always know, do we?

Check out Isaiah 65: 1-16.  Seekers of the Lord receive abundant blessings.  Note the order.  Seek Him–as when you first turn to Jesus, welcoming Him into your life.  Serve Him and blessings arrive.  Always that relationship with our Lord Jesus comes first and foremost.  Even when material things evaporate, the best of the best is here to stay– our relationship with Him.  Agreed?

Seekers–eating until full, thirst satisfied, happiness and joy abounding, a new name and identity given, sins forgiven and hidden far from God’s eyes.  Wow!  Sounds great?

Forsakers–hungry and thirsty, shamed, broken in spirit, possessing a cursed name even as death lurks in the wings.  Not my cup of tea.  Yet most thumb their noses at God.  Think Him irrelevant.  Jesus–unwanted, rejected, unknown.  Not good.  Tragic and sad, eternally so.

This week be a seeker of Jesus, thanking Him for being your savior.  For loving you with all His heart.  For you are His very own, giving you the very best ever.  Himself!


Lord, thank you for calling us your own.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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