HEAR THAT? Isaiah 48

It bugs me when I’m speaking with someone who’s obviously paying no attention.  In one ear (maybe!), out the other (probably!).  Or some hotshot, who jumps in when I take a breath, interrupting, telling his own story, a much more moving or tragic one, of course!  Few listen.  Too many with big mouths.  Present company excluded?  Me…or you?  If only you’d listen!

Reading Isaiah 48 you’ll notice that the Lord yearns for His people to ‘listen’ to Him.  Ears cocked.  Tuned in.  Isaiah 48–‘Listen to this…(v.1)’, ‘Listen to me…(v.12)’, ‘Come near and listen…(v.16).’  Hear that?

Two ears, one mouth.  A hint?  You think?  As Jesus’ follower, we’re His listener.  One who travels a step behind, eager to hear what He has to say.  Obedient rather than rebellious, being those who suffer life’s twists and turns under their own steam.  Wouldn’t you rather be in the fire with Jesus than out the frying pan without Him?  Think about Daniel’s three fired-up friends (Dan. 3).

Listening to God involves getting into His Word, your Bible.  Making it a meal you never miss.  Oxygen without which, well, you know.  How can you listen if you ignore His words; having, at best, a cursory knowledge?  Can’t!  God’s Word cries out for quality and quantity time.  So dive in.  The water’s fine.  Ready?

Something you’ll want to note about the word ‘listen’, is that it implies a following through, going by the Book, with His flow.  That’s listening.  Not simply gathering information or being a gossip and know-it-all, but to toe the line for Jesus.  Not like the one who preaches–‘do what I say but not what I do’.  No.  Jump in with both feet.  Eagerly catching every word from His mouth to your ears.  To do them.

Did you hear that?


Lord Jesus, we say ‘yes’ to you, to be better listeners.  Amen.



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