CUT THE CORD! Psalm 129

I dread February when I have to negotiate a better deal with our cable TV outfit for the next twelve months.  Dread an understatement.  I get hot flashes and jitters, accompanied by cold shivers.  Last year the best I can drag out of them is no additional gouging!

This time it all falls apart.  Price way up.  Sky high.  The channels we regularly watch you can count on one hand.  Some negotiator I am.  Those greedy so-and-so’s aren’t going to budge.  But there’s more to this story!

Here’s what.  We vacation on Canada’s beautiful Vancouver Island.  The waterfront condo we rent has a channel with all British programs, our favorite shows, and with no commercials.  Really?  I ponder.  An idea blossoms.

Cut the cord!  Sever them from our bedraggled, downtrodden checking account.  So, slashed and dissevered go our coaxial twisted wires.  Not as easy as they make it sound.  But I prevail.  Let the streaming begin!  And we’re the richer for it…every month.

What could be better?  You know.  Here’s Psalm 129:4–‘But the Lord is righteous; he has cut me free from the cords of the wicked.’  The psalmist groans that he’s being treated harshly for way too long (v.2).  Handled worse than dirt.  As if a plow repeatedly etches furrows up and down his back (v.3).  We thought we had it rough.

But now the psalmist points to his sole source of hope.  Of course, to our righteous Lord.  We may be surrounded by a bunch of slimebucket hooligans, who maltreat us as their daily entertainment, yet we have One who is right as right can be, who gladly cuts those cords.  Evil will eventually fly away like a helium balloon, which slips through your fingers.  Up, up and away…forever gone!

Our sins, likewise, have their cords cut.  Good riddance.  Adios.  Auf wiedersehen.  Arrivederci.  Toodleoo, cheerio and rice krispies!  Sin’s swan song hummed one last time by God’s forgiven chosen.

We’re free.  To live richly… for Jesus.  What could be better?  Nothing in this world.  For He cuts those nasty cords!


Thank you, Jesus, for life lived for you.  Amen.

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