WHOSE PERFECT LOVE? 1 John 4: 7-21

Searching for a new family practice doctor proves stressful.  Getting an initial appointment seems like asking for a miracle.  Takes months before new appointments can even be scheduled due to you-know-what that we’ve all been trying to live with.  I don’t even want to name it as I’m sick to death of it, figuratively speaking, thank the Lord.

Two months ago, calling the recommended clinic phone number at 7:30am, not my best time of day, I almost beg for an appointment, knowing there’s no way I’m getting one.  Not with that certain physician I prefer.

Remember about that miracle?  Well, it happens!  The Lord opens a door for me even with my faith being almost nil.  Yes, I get that appointment.  And it’s months off so I can relax a bit.  Ahh!

Until the day arrives.  Mask on, looking like the Lone Ranger, off I go about a mile away to the medical building where my new doc works.

Frazzled nerves an understatement.  Not his, mine!  What if I can’t stand him?  Or he’s pushy, wanting me to undergo immediate myriad procedures, seemingly funding his early retirement.  Tests and more tests.  Med’s galore.  All with my back to the wall.

I’m sitting in a tiny cubicle awaiting either Drs. Kevorkian, Jekyll or Frankenstein.  At that moment, a Bible verse pops into my fear-riddled mind–‘Perfect love casts out fear’ (1 John 4: 18).  Where did that come from?  You know and so do I.  From the Lord.

Hearing my anxious cries, He responds.  A word so gentle I wonder if I’ve made it up.  But I haven’t.  Unfortunately, however, I must admit that my love is far from perfect.  More like puny and dinky.

What I sense is nothing audible or scrawled upon the clinic walls.  No visions or signs.  Just a mellow whisper reminding me who’s love is perfect.  Hardly mine.  It’s Jesus’ love that’s coming my way.  And it’s mighty perfect!

Looking up I notice a crucifix above the doorway.  But it differs from usual ones.   Jesus has His hands raised in triumph as if ready to fly off the cross straight up to heaven!  I’m in a Roman Catholic hospital network that hasn’t forgotten the Great Physician, who I’m also seeing this day.

Here’s His message–it’s not your love that matters so much.  Not at this moment.  It’s His perfect love…for me and you.  Need some?  Who doesn’t?  Jesus’ perfect love helps wipe away jittery, shivery-quivery worries, along with weak-kneed butterflies that drive us up a wall…right to Him!

I’ll admit it.  I’m made of clay and dust.  But Jesus?  No way.  He’s perfect in every way!  Amen?

PS–I really like my new doctor.  So far, at least!


Thank you, Jesus, for being with us in scary places and times.  Amen.

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