A financial guru, referring to successes in the stock and bond markets (except for last Thursday!), urges us to ‘count our lucky stars’.  Do what?  Star-gazing seems more credible to moderns than praising you-know-who.  Better to grab hold of a ouija board?  Lady luck?  Check out your horoscope?  Your zodiac sign?  Karma chameleons!

I get so sick of it.  Don’t you?  How could Christians not?  Such an insult to God, the One and Only.  And rejection is everywhere.  Well, almost.  The Lord has His own to remind us who He is.  Has been.  Still is.  Always will be.  So, remember–don’t forget!

Hear the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah–“This is what the Lord Almighty says…’To whom can I speak and give warning?  Who will listen to me?  Their ears are closed so they cannot hear.  The word of the Lord is offensive to them; they find no pleasure in it'” (Jer. 6: 10).  Words so old they’re new.

Certainly true of our society.  Might as well turn to tea leaves.  See what the Dalai Lama has to say.  Or the Buddha.  Or infallible science, which changes quicker than those chameleons.  Or to politics, which unites bringing such peace and harmony.  As in our backyard city of Seattle.  Yeah, right!

But, to be honest, we’ve fallen down on the job when the thought of spending quality and quantity time in the Bible is too much bother.  After all, I’ve got my own agenda to look after.  Do my own thing.  Look after number one…Me!

Where does all this lead to?  If not for God’s grace and mercy, I’d have been ditched decades ago.  But He saw me through.  He was faithful when I was not.  Just me?

My best times are when I’m in concert with Jesus.  Harmonizing with His ways.  Singing His tune and lyrics with Him as lead singer.  You too?

If not, here’s where to start.  Open your Bible.  Read a psalm or two each day, every day.  No speed reading.  Turn off phones, tablets, whatever.  How about daily pouring over a chapter in John’s Gospel?  Not for information.  But for you and Him.  From your loving heart to His.

Get closer to Jesus.  You know that you can count on Him.  So forget those lucky stars!


Lord, we want to be close to you.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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