I still remember certain accusations hurled my way.  Some complaints air their ugly heads during a church elder’s meeting decades ago.  Seems now like a different lifetime.  It’s my Dickensian ‘best of times, worst of times’ experience.

What was one infraction laid at my feet that night?  A former secretary points her finger at me saying that one time, upon entering my office, I was looking out the window.  Hmm.  What?  Really?  Daydreaming?  How disillusioning!  Such heinous behavior!  Should be fired on the spot while being tarred and feathered!

When I heard this bum rap, I looked around the room (not out the window!) knowing that Candid Camera’s Alan Funt must be lurking somewhere in the shadows.  Had to be a joke.  It wasn’t.  Church leaders were shocked when others mentioned that I wore shorts downtown during summer weather.  Worst of times.

The best began when I left that church of my own free will, discovering that the Lord had much better in store.  Like for Old Testament Joseph, who stays faithful throughout his worst times.  How I’d love to be like him, but to be honest…  Well, you know.

One door closes while another opens with the Lord Jesus as my trusted doorkeeper.  Locks the one behind me.  Unlocks so many good ones before me.  As in a successful 20 year financial planning career.  The icing on the cake being 14 years serving a small, loving church in that same town.  That thankful fellowship now honors me as their pastor emeritus.  Smell of tar dissipates!  Feathers all blown to smithereens!

Genesis 50: 19-21–“But Joseph said to them, ‘Don’t be afraid…You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.  So then, don’t be afraid.  I will provide…’

God allows bad things to happen to His people.  Not all peaches and cream.  Some noxious weeds grow in my field.  Some of my own planting and others that blow in from outside.  All within God’s knowledge and care.

Someone reading this devotional needs to give the Lord all the good and the bad.  The best of times and the worst.  He’ll make something beautiful of them both.  As only He can…and will (Romans 8:28).  I had a choice.  Curse Him for dealing me a rotten hand?  Or see what He has in store.  Same choice for you.

The Lord handles our lives so much better.  I know.  I’m still learning to lean on Him.  He’s not done with me… or you… yet!


Thank you, Lord, for seeing us through to a better future.  For Jesus’ sake.  Amen.

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