That Sunday evening, when I first heard on the radio about Jesus’ love for me, I couldn’t do anything else but ask Him into my life.  Why would I turn Him down?  He offers to forgive all my sins and to change my life.  That’s a no-brainer.  Grabbed hold as tight as I could.

What next?  The following day I find my mint condition, never-opened Bible, given to me by the church I’m baptized in as an infant, and I start reading the New Testament.  Good idea since avoiding Sunday School in my growing up years leaves me a blank slate in Bible knowledge.

I’ve met Christians who proclaim that you’re not truly saved unless you can pass their Bible knowledge test.  Then and only then can they be sure.  When I give my testimony, they huff and puff in disbelief.  Too bad, so sad…for them!  Mine was not so complicated.

Reading the Gospels, you’ll find Jesus’ bunch rather dull in the old noggin.  Somewhat boneheaded.  Over and over again, Jesus tells them what they can’t or don’t want to hear.  His identity, His destiny–precious little receives their ‘Good Disciple Stamp of Approval’.

So, I have hope.  Yes, I possessed itsy-bitsy Scripture mastery, but it didn’t stay that way.  My craving to know more about Jesus, God and the Bible has only mushroomed.  Still at it years after I retired from formal ministry.  Sermons cancelled but not my growing relationship with Jesus.  I’m engrossed in my Bible, daily wanting more and more of what He wants for me.  Not so complicated after all.

Hopefully, the beginning pales in comparison with the ending of our earthly lives as disciples.  The days of ignorance replaced with a yen for God and His ways, as poorly as I may live them.

There’s better news.  About heaven.  Not a boring place, dull as dishwater, a cosmic yawner, flat as a pancake, floating on clouds, strumming harps without end.  No!  Excitement, clarity and newness till the cows come home and they never will!

Hear what Jesus says–‘I am the door.  If anyone enters by me, he will be saved…’ (John 10: 9).  That’s not so complicated, is it?  Wasn’t for me.  How about it–have you opened His door?



Thank you, Lord, for much better days ahead.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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