WHO WILL? Zechariah 10

On a tour of Scotland last year, we note that the British love their newspapers.  Tons of them available, mainly tabloids.  Who dominates?  Will and Kate.  Some refer to the prince as Wills.  Pix galore of the royal couple and their children.  This was before Harry and Megxit!

Reading Zechariah 10, I see many references to ‘will’.  Not Prince William.  Reading from verse 6 onwards, the Lord God makes promises to His people.  Over and over again, He says ‘I will’.  At least eight times–‘I will’.

Why?  What’s His point?  To say ‘I will’ is to pledge yourself, a commitment made.  As in marriage vows, when a man and woman offer themselves freely to each other.  ‘Will you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?’  ‘I will’.  ‘And this woman?  I will.’  A vow is taken.

That’s what God repeats to us.  His commitment to His own.  Not because we’re so great or perfect.  Please, those who know me, say no more!  Rather because He wills to love us.  His undeserved mercy.  That’s His choice.  Jesus loves us because that’s His will.  And He means it.

Let me recommend that you repeat that little phrase as you trudge through this coming week.  Will come in handy.  When you feel like giving up, know that God’s promises still ring true.  When you can’t, He says ‘I will’.

But remember the ‘I’ refers not to you, but to the Lord!


Thank you, Jesus, for your strength.  Amen.

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