That Sunday evening, when I first heard on the radio about Jesus’ love for me, I couldn’t do anything else but ask Him into my life.  Why would I turn Him down?  He offers to forgive all my sins and to change my life.  That’s a no-brainer.  Grabbed hold as tight as I could.

What next?  The following day I find my mint condition, never-opened Bible, given to me by the church I’m baptized in as an infant, and I start reading the New Testament.  Good idea since avoiding Sunday School in my growing up years leaves me a blank slate in Bible knowledge.

I’ve met Christians who proclaim that you’re not truly saved unless you can pass their Bible knowledge test.  Then and only then can they be sure.  When I give my testimony, they huff and puff in disbelief.  Too bad, so sad…for them!  Mine was not so complicated.

Reading the Gospels, you’ll find Jesus’ bunch rather dull in the old noggin.  Somewhat boneheaded.  Over and over again, Jesus tells them what they can’t or don’t want to hear.  His identity, His destiny–precious little receives their ‘Good Disciple Stamp of Approval’.

So, I have hope.  Yes, I possessed itsy-bitsy Scripture mastery, but it didn’t stay that way.  My craving to know more about Jesus, God and the Bible has only mushroomed.  Still at it years after I retired from formal ministry.  Sermons cancelled but not my growing relationship with Jesus.  I’m engrossed in my Bible, daily wanting more and more of what He wants for me.  Not so complicated after all.

Hopefully, the beginning pales in comparison with the ending of our earthly lives as disciples.  The days of ignorance replaced with a yen for God and His ways, as poorly as I may live them.

There’s better news.  About heaven.  Not a boring place, dull as dishwater, a cosmic yawner, flat as a pancake, floating on clouds, strumming harps without end.  No!  Excitement, clarity and newness till the cows come home and they never will!

Hear what Jesus says–‘I am the door.  If anyone enters by me, he will be saved…’ (John 10: 9).  That’s not so complicated, is it?  Wasn’t for me.  How about it–have you opened His door?



Thank you, Lord, for much better days ahead.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


We know that there’s much more going on in life than we can see with our eyes or hear with our ears.  All that behind the scenes stuff.  Don’t you wonder what’s really said in the Oval Office?  Or the back rooms of Congress?  Or the side halls of 10 Downing Street?  Let alone the Lodge at Canberra for our dear friends the Littler’s in Australia?

What goes on behind the scenes for the blind man in John 9?  The story elements are straightforward and well-known.  Jesus spits on the ground and then applies this mud to sightless eyes.  Why not a direct and immediate healing?  He’s done it before and will after.  What gives?

This reminds me of Kuda Bux, the early TV Hindu mystic, who applies soft dough balls to both eyes, then is blindfolded, yet can see clearly.  But, unlike the TV showman, this is no fake trick by Jesus.  For our Lord makes it beyond doubt that this man is blind.  In no way can he see through this muck covering his eyes.

What happens to this fellow after his healing?  Behind the scenes he’s confronted by a rabble of religious leaders ready to blow a gasket his way.  They’re in his face.  What he now sees is terrifying, unnerving, unsettling and discombobulating.  As a reward for gaining his eyesight, he’s booted out of the Temple!  Church membership nixed.  No longer allowed to use the disabled parking spot next to the pastor.  His service dog sent to the pound.  Has he gained more than he’s lost?  Time will tell.

It’s at the end of chapter 9 where something else happens behind the scenes.  John 9:35–‘Jesus heard that they had thrown him out, and when he found him…’  Searching high and low, Jesus finds this man, now an outcast.  Truly never out of His sight.  Jesus searches for His own until their found.

That’s what He’s done for me.  Found me.  I can see that now.  All those years ago, when I heard on a radio program that Jesus loved me.  What?  Cared about me?  He does?  Yes, He was knocking at the door of my heart.  I pushed that door wide open only to discover that He was doing the same toward me, but with more tender loving strength.

He seeks His own.  Behind the scenes.  Never giving up.  Looking for you and me.  Until we’re found…and forever His!


Thank you, Jesus, for seeking and finding me.  I love you.  Amen.



The old adage rings true as we rack up the years.  You know the one that warns– ‘little kids, little problems;  big kids, big ones.’  We’ve all experienced some of this.  Makes us a gun shy about what’s next.  The other shoe that drops.  Know what I mean?  Hope you don’t, but I’m positive you do.

Here is where I struggle–losing control.  Issues outside my ability to have some say or sway.  Leaves me feeling fearful and anxious.  Not wanting other’s problems to rule my life.  What to do?  How to handle what’s beyond my grasp.

Reading the last few verses in the Old Testament gives me comfort.  I shouldn’t be surprised when the Lord puts His arms around me with His Word, which helps at the right time.  That’s our God.  Aren’t you grateful that He lovingly pays attention to our hurts and is there to help?

Here’s what He wants me to hold onto.  That I’m His.  He won’t let me go.  I’m secure in His grasp.  You too.  And He also spares us of so much.  Malachi 3:17–‘They shall be mine, says the Lord of hosts, in the day when I make up my treasured possession, and I will spare them as a man spares his son who serves him…’  ‘My treasured possession’.   ‘I will spare them’.  Out of my control… into His.

Here’s more.  Romans 8:28–‘All things work together for good…’  Not that all things are good.  They’re not.  But in His hands, somehow, beyond my peabrain’s understanding, God causes good to come out of terribly complicated situations.  How or when?  I’ve no idea.  Only requirement– lean on His promises.  And lean in hard.

I’m His.  Probably little else to say.  Keeping strong in Jesus, right to the end, believing His Word.  Let me be honest in saying I struggle to trust Him as much as the next.  Don’t look at me.  Turn your eyes upon Jesus, as the old hymn rightfully sings.

The Bible ends on this wonderful note.  So will we.  After all, we’re His treasured possession!  That’s something to shout about!


Thank you, Jesus, for being with us always.  Amen.

WHO WILL? Zechariah 10

On a tour of Scotland last year, we note that the British love their newspapers.  Tons of them available, mainly tabloids.  Who dominates?  Will and Kate.  Some refer to the prince as Wills.  Pix galore of the royal couple and their children.  This was before Harry and Megxit!

Reading Zechariah 10, I see many references to ‘will’.  Not Prince William.  Reading from verse 6 onwards, the Lord God makes promises to His people.  Over and over again, He says ‘I will’.  At least eight times–‘I will’.

Why?  What’s His point?  To say ‘I will’ is to pledge yourself, a commitment made.  As in marriage vows, when a man and woman offer themselves freely to each other.  ‘Will you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?’  ‘I will’.  ‘And this woman?  I will.’  A vow is taken.

That’s what God repeats to us.  His commitment to His own.  Not because we’re so great or perfect.  Please, those who know me, say no more!  Rather because He wills to love us.  His undeserved mercy.  That’s His choice.  Jesus loves us because that’s His will.  And He means it.

Let me recommend that you repeat that little phrase as you trudge through this coming week.  Will come in handy.  When you feel like giving up, know that God’s promises still ring true.  When you can’t, He says ‘I will’.

But remember the ‘I’ refers not to you, but to the Lord!


Thank you, Jesus, for your strength.  Amen.