DAD’S HELP 2 Kings 19

How I loved arranging my work schedule so that I could help my 8 year old son Dave deliver the local newspaper on his first paper route.  My job allows me the freedom to plan appointments around both my boy’s school, sports and work schedules.  They almost always come first.

So, off we go delivering papers, door-to-door, for about 45 neighbors.  Once in a while, a mean dog prevents our doorstep delivery, so a handy, well-placed toss lands the newspaper somewhere in their front yard.  Not messing with a hound that bares its teeth, looking barely fed!

Months in, I wonder why Dave’s paycheck is so low.  What gives?  Volunteer work?  No.  When asked, he won’t say.  Off to the newspaper office we go.  Turns out a customer isn’t paying.  Hence, Dave’s income becomes almost invisible.  The local rag sheet isn’t about to lose a penny, but my boy does.  Can you sense that Dad is none too happy?

What happens?  Standing my ground, of which I’m quite capable, the problem’s solved lickity-split as in no more daily papers unless they cough up for three months in advance, in addition to all the back payments owed my son.  Can still see the relief on Dave’s face.  What joy to help my boy!

King Hezekiah receives a threatening military letter from world-dominating Assyria.  Lots more at risk than an insolvent paper route.  The nation teeters on the brink.  Defeat and death hang in the air.  What to do?

2 Kings 19: 1–‘When King Hezekiah heard this, he tore his clothes and put on sackcloth and went into the temple of the Lord.’   Verse 14–‘Hezekiah received the letter from the messengers and read it.  Then he went up to the temple of the Lord and spread it out before the Lord.’  Up against it, what next?

So simple.  Whatever weighs you down, take it to the Lord.  Lay it all out before Him.  Even if you’re at fault, especially then, bring it to Jesus.  He’s your friend.  He loves to help even when it all seems so helpless.

But did you notice something?  Dave never cried out to me for help.  Poor little tyke probably too shy or embarrassed.  Not to worry.  I was watching.  I could see that something was rotten, not in Denmark, but with his paper route.   And that’s when I took off the kid gloves.  Eating Popeye’s spinach, landing on both feet, ready to right the wrong…for my boy.

I wonder how many times I never asked the Lord for help when He was already at work on my behalf?  And yours.  Think about that this week.  Thank Him for all that you’ve never seen Him directly do for you.  For when you kept your mouth shut, He was at work anyway…for you!  That’s Dad’s help.


Thank you, Jesus, for helping me.  Amen.

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