Every January 1st I start reading my Bible all over again.  Kick-start with Genesis, Psalms and Luke.  Two Old Testament and one New Testament reading every day will cover it all by year’s end.  My Bible hasn’t changed, but I have.  Thank the Lord!

Thirty years ago, when I first committed to reading my Bible annually, I was single and a financial planner with over 850 clients.  Worked hard every weekday and night, leaving weekends free to enjoy my sons.  A busy season of my life.  Not without some loneliness.  If it wasn’t for my boys, and all the good times we had together, life would have been very bleak.

Decades later, I’m happily married to a wonderful woman.  Our children are grown with grandchildren blessing this life’s season.  Retired and not too tired, as it feels like heavy weights have been lifted from my shoulders.

Time to slow down a bit?  Maybe.  In some ways.  But not much.  Still love to travel.  When home, daily write and rewrite.  Edit and re-edit.  Want to communicate the best I can, always depending on the Lord’s help.  And He does just that and more.  Thank you, Lord Jesus!

So what will this season, or any for that matter, look like?  Psalm 1:3 says–‘He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.’  No matter what season you’re in, grow and mature, be fun, season other’s lives as well as your own.  Grow your spiritual roots profoundly deep.

Come gather by the old mill stream.  Where fresh waters flow freely.  Soak in God’s Word.  Its truths buoy your mind and heart all year long.  Your relationship with the Lord, a rising tide of love, loyalty and mercy.  Spiritually sail on the waters of God’s Word.  Your Bible–life’s essential irrigation every day, all year.

Well watered.  But only if you drink deeply.  Dive in.  The water’s fine!  Happy New Year!


Thank you, Lord, for all we can do through you.  For Jesus’ sake.  Amen.

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