Elijah’s Christmas hint.  What?  Have I totally lost it?  Holiday season overly seasons my mind?  Not really.  Stay with me.  Maybe you’ll see what I’ve discovered deep in the Old Testament.  For this Christmas.

Elijah runs for his life after Jezebel threatens to turn him into holiday mince meat for what happens to her pagan priests.  He’s experienced God’s miraculous power.  Unfortunately, Elijah’s own strength does a vanishing act, leaving him spooked and in a cold sweat.

Off he goes to Horeb, God’s holy mountain.  Twice the Lord asks him why he’s there.  Twice he moans and groans about being the last godly man on the face of the earth.  None left.  Only him.  Really?  In the meantime, the Lord shows Elijah three demonstrations of His might–wind like a hurricane, earthquake well over 9.0, and fire fueled by hot sirocco winds.  Elijah notices that the Lord isn’t in any of these three power punches.

What comes next is unexpected.  Quiet and silence.  Stillness and peacefulness.  1 Kings 19:12–‘After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire.  And after the fire came a gentle whisper.’

Christmastime could use some ‘gentle whisper’.  Some quiet contemplation.  Getting off by yourself reading those Christmas stories found early in Matthew and Luke.  Softly playing Christmas music in the background.  Sipping tea or coffee by yourself, while praying and thanking God for the gift of Jesus.

Turn down the noise.  Stop the shopping for a bit.  Forget the Christmas dinner menu at least for the moment.  Relish the sounds of silence.  God’s gentle whispers.

Elijah’s hint this Christmas season is God’s gift of quietness.  An undisturbed centering on Jesus, the focal point of the season.  A welcome downtime amidst all its feverish hustle and bustle.  ‘…a gentle whisper.’

Ssshhhh.  Elijah’s hint–not nutty fruitcake after all!  Ssshhhh.


For the gift of quietness, we thank you Lord.  Amen.


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