Merry Christmas!  Oh no, another of those dreaded Christmas letters!  Who needs another bragging missive about travel, kids and grandkids?  I read them, but under my breath can be heard–‘there’s more going on here.  Not all peaches and cream.  I know these people!’

Same goes for us.  We’ve had marvelous trips this year.  Grand France River Cruise for our 25th wedding anniversary.  Starting out at Cannes on the Mediterranean, to the coast of Normandy, winding up in Paris.  Not too bad!  Then, off we go on a 2 week tour all around Scotland, starting with the fabulous Military Tattoo in Edinburgh.  Loved every castle, twisty road and morning eggs boiled in oil.  Some Scots gaellic has crept into our wee vocabulary!

However, the last few years I’ve not written a Christmas letter.  Too many losses have hit our family.  Disappointments weigh heavy.  Certainly we’ll do no bragging except that the Lord is still who He is and we love Him even through sorrows and sadness.

This year for Christmas we’re more than going through the motions.  We’re enjoying the holidays though feeling a tad downcast.  Is that okay?  Not what you expect of a Christmas letter?  Too bad, so sad.  But such has been our life in certain respects.  What’s true is that there’s more good than the other.  Blessings still come our way from Jesus, and we’re so appreciative of His love and care.

Life must have been tough for Joseph and Mary.  Their Christmas letter contains noted unpleasantries.  Strange stories about her pregnancy with accompanying nasty rumors.  Disturbing dreams.  Tough and taxing travels.  Overcrowded inns.  Unknown shepherds showing up with unexpected news.  And more.

But look what came of it!  Yes.  The Babe of Bethlehem.  The Savior of the world.  Our Savior who makes life worth living.  Even when it doesn’t feel like it.  Even then.  Especially then.

Dare we say Merry Christmas?  Of course.  And a happy New Year!  Same to us!!  Blessings, John and Sue

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