AT ANY AGE Daniel 10 and Luke 2: 25-35

Our Bible readings bring into focus two old people.  Daniel is over the age of 80.  A real accomplishment in his time, when the average life expectancy was about half that.  And then there’s long in the tooth Simeon, one of my favorite characters in the Christmas story.  Steady-Eddie…for the Lord.  Waits patiently with great hope.  He recognizes Messiah as he holds the baby Jesus.

Two old codgers.  Yet to both come fresh insights from the Lord.  For Daniel, it’s a revelation of the coming Messiah. And also the end times, whatever and whenever that may be.  His understanding of God, and His plans, expands exponentially.  So can mine as an older man.  And yours.  Really, at any age.

For Simeon, he recognizes in this child the salvation of God’s people.  The One promised.  Must be next to impossible for Simeon to contain his emotions.  Joy erupts from his lips–‘…For my eyes have seen your salvation…’ (Luke 2:30).  However, God hints that all will not be fun and games.  Some will believe but many won’t, making life painful and harrowing for the promised One, including for Jesus’ mother Mary–‘And a sword will pierce your own soul too’ (Luke 2:35).

Both old men contemplate a godly, glorious future, in spite of all not being hunky-dory.  Here’s where a challenge confronts us.  At any age.  We have two hands.  We need to hold hope in one while the other juggles troubles and trials.  A balancing act helping us to stand up for the Lord, not stumbling down in the dumps.

I need more unflappable steadiness.  After all these years, I know a lot more.  Sort of.  Nothing new under this setting sun.  Seen it before.  Been there, done that.  Just me?  We can become grouchy, bitter sourpusses.  One-handed.  Tilted.  Burned by life’s dings and zings.

So, we need balance…from God’s promises.  His encouraging Words.  To hold them in our other hand until it becomes muscular and dominant.  Comes in handy, lifting our spirits.

Get tight-knit with Jesus.  Cuddle up a little closer.  Nudge Him for His help.  He loves to watch over us in every way.  Especially when we’ve run out of gas and He’s there to fill us up with high octane Holy Spirit!

Be a Daniel and a Simeon this Advent season.  Eyes wide open… embracing more of Jesus, standing firm on His promises.  At any age.


For hope in the midst of darkness, we thank you, Lord Jesus.  Amen.



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