I’ve never fainted.  Or known of anyone else to either.  Usually see swooning faints in old movies or on television, but not in my experience.  However, we always have smelling salts at the churches I serve.  My sermons are not that disturbing or super duper mind-blowing, causing people to pass out.  At least, not that I know of!

Smelling salts wake up a collapsed person, bringing them to consciousness.  What’s like that in my life?  That wakes me up.  Gives insight and perspective in a mind-numbing world.  You know.  Yes, the Bible.  Go to the head of the class, whiz kid!

The longer I hang around spaceship Earth, the less I’m sure about almost anything.  What’s been rock solid fact soon becomes slimy mush fiction.  What’s considered morally right gets cast aside like old, bald tires.  Useless and dangerous.  Makes me lightheaded.  About to faint.  Break out the smelling salts!

That’s when I open my Bible to hear from God.  He never changes.  Not fazed by the latest whatever.  Can stand up to the most ghastly abuse hurled His way.  And where do I know about this great God?  Right again, Einstein!

Psalm 44:1–‘We have heard with our ears, O God; our Fathers have told us what you did in their days, in days long ago.’  Ancient Israel takes seriously its commission to pass along God’s truth to the next generation.  Word of mouth being one way.  What’s more lasting is the written record of God’s character, commands and actions.  God’s people are committed to preserving and caring for His trustworthy record, giving us a place to stand when the floor gives way.

They did a super job.  Only a few spelling errors here-and-there, but the bulk of Bible material remains letter perfect.  Not talking about a postcard from Aunt Tilly, mailed from Atlantic City’s boardwalk in 1962.  No.  Written records thousands of years old.  Meticulously transmitted by one hand to the next, from one age to another.  From scroll to book.  From billions of hard paper copies to endless digital ones.  Spot on.  Without parallel.  Second to none.

Pick up your Bible.  Get into it.  And it into you.  A holy habit.  Daily.  Without fail.  Keep at it.  Like using smelling salts, you’ll wake up to a world of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

And so much more.  A far better world.  Truly the best!


Thank you, Lord, for truth found in the Bible.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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