Gideon House Books has now published my new daily devotional ‘Reminders For Daily Devotion’.  Today you can buy a hard copy paperback or two through Amazon.  If you have Amazon Prime the shipping is always free.  However, with the cost per copy of $12.99 if you buy two, even without Amazon Prime,  the shipping will also be free.  What a deal!  Buy your own copy and give another to a friend or family member you’d like to bless this Thanksgiving/Christmas season.  Put your thinking cap on and ask the Lord who might benefit from such a gift.

I’m delighted at the quality of this new book and hope that the Lord will bless you each day as you read a new devotional from my pen to your heart.  It’s truly an honor for me to be welcomed into your daily devotions to Jesus.

Blessings to each of you, my faithful ‘ReflectionsOutofTime’ weekly devotional readers!  John


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