HARD WORK U! Proverbs 13: 4

Friends recommend that when we’re in Branson, Missouri that we have lunch at the Lodge of the College of the Ozarks.  We do, and how impressed we are with this Christian college known as ‘Hard Work U’!

Why the nickname?  Hard work!  Students labor on campus for their tuition, room and board.  They milk cows, wait tables, shovel manure, tidy up Lodge guestrooms.  That’s why it’s called ‘Hard Work U’.  And no one graduates with even a penny of Ozark College debt.

Likewise, the book of Proverbs calls us to get off our duffs and get to work.  Lazy and work-shy loafers get a bad rap.  After all, why does God give us potential and abilities?  To show off, lounging around, relishing that I’m better than you, though refusing to lift a finger?  Hardly.

I have the privilege to write for the Lord.  This is His gift to me.  Now, let me ask you a question.  Do these weekly devotionals magically appear on my WordPress webpage?  Do I get up in the morning only to discover that some ‘good fairy’ has finished my writing along with leaving money under my pillow for a cracked tooth?  Do I write willy-nilly hoping it all makes sense without exerting any daily editing work?  No way, buster!  Hard Work Me!

It should go without saying that the enjoyment of godly gifts comes from the using of them.  Satisfaction that only time and toil bring.  I’m a better writer because I’ve written, edited, rewritten, and re-edited so much.

Rewards come as we grease the wheels of God’s gifts.  Proverbs 13:4–‘The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.’  See?  Hard Work Us!

How about your godly gifts?  At work for Him?  Be honest.  No one will overhear.  Except the Lord who wants to get you off the dime using His gifts… for the good of others and Jesus’ Kingdom.

Ready to get up and go?  Good.  Don’t say you’ll do it.  Do it!


Lord Jesus, energize me so that I can do my best for you and others.  Amen.

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